Verint Unified Voice of the Customer (VoC) Solutions

Listen, analyze and act across channels. An enterprise Voice of the Customer solution for optimal omnichannel CX.

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The Future of VoC is Here

Your customer experience (CX) defines your ability to win. Get it right and the rewards are huge. Get it wrong and customers will reward your competition.

Most organizations fall short of a great Customer Experience. Why? Ineffective VoC programs fail to accurately evaluate overall CX quality and prioritize action by impact.

To deliver tangible impact, you need to be able to interact, listen and respond to your customers across channels.

Analyst Verdict: 451 Research

“The advances made in the new VoC suite illustrate that Verint’s ambitions are not just marketing hype; buying ForeSee and putting significant resources into a VoC revamp demonstrate the kind of commitment to enterprise CX that buyers are looking for.”

A Different Type of VoC Solution

Verint Unified VoC is a fully connected platform that enables you to listen, analyze and act on customer interactions across channels.

Understanding the heartbeat of the customer experience real-time is finally possible. Through a single comprehensive view, incorporate:

Contact center conversations (i.e. indirect and inferred speech data)
Text-based customer feedback data via IVR, SMS and online surveys as well as customer-initiated digital feedback
Operational data from contact center, digital and location-based interactions

Omnichannel CX requires Omnichannel VoC

Verint Unified VoC prepares you for the customer-first CX era. Now you can:

  • Consolidate VoC solutions into an omnichannel platform
  • Provide a single, cross-channel view of the customer
  • Incorporate operational data for better understanding of trends
  • Correlate direct, indirect and inferred VoC data from different sources
  • Automate email and case management triggers for faster action

Operationalize Customer Experience Insights

Gaining VoC insights across your CX is truly game changing.  But what you do with those insights is far more important.  With Verint, now you can:

  • Create common KPIs and objectives across channels
  • Diagnose the exact impact of negative issues affecting your CX
  • Democratize information for greater internal visibility and faster action
  • Drive real-time action with automated triggers and alerts
  • Overcome traditional internal silos

From the Big Trends to Individual Interactions

Drill down from big picture holistic CX metrics to specific trends and individual interactions (e.g. call recordings and digital session replays). This enables you to understand, diagnose, isolate and articulate issues in a way that particularly engages senior leadership. Also finally understand:

  • Is this issue isolated to a single customer?
  • A specific channel or location?
  • A single product or employee group?
  • Or is it something broader?

CX Strategies that Drive Results

Whether your goal is retention, revenue growth  or cost reduction, you need a complete view of the customer experience.  Now you can:

  • Optimize CX holistically and across channels
  • Track and correct critical causes of attrition and conversion barriers
  • Improve new customer acquisition.
  • Fully understand the customer journey

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