Experience Management: Moving Beyond Surveys for a Holistic CX Strategy

Customer journeys are becoming more complex as interactions increase and channels expand. How do you know what your customers really think about the experience you provide? You could ask them directly with a survey. But that’s no longer enough to get a full picture of your CX—especially as consumers have turned digital-first.

As many organizations continue to report problematic data silos across departments, truly understanding the customer experience becomes more difficult. For instance, your contact center has valuable insights your digital team needs and vice versa. When the two don’t have access to each other’s data, they’re missing out on important CX insights that can help them do their jobs better and CX at the organization.

In this session we discuss:

  • Why surveys can capture only a limited amount of digital failure at your organization
  • How connecting your contact center and digital team can amplify your CX and digital transformation efforts
  • What tools you can use to automate processes, reduce customer effort, and organize your data so you can take quick action.

Watch now to learn how you can move beyond surveys to connect departments for a holistic view of your CX.


Ram Swery
VP, Solution Consulting & Onboarding, Experience Management


Jamie Menn
Solutions Consultant

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