Verint Da Vinci™ AI-Powered Bots

Verint Da Vinci AI-Powered Bots maximize impact by injecting AI directly into business workflows, putting AI at agents’ fingertips. Our open approach to AI future proofs your investment as technology rapidly evolves.

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What is Verint Da Vinci AI

Verint Da Vinci AI is core to Verint Platform and powers the applications you use every day. Verint future-proofs your AI investment with an open approach spanning both proprietary and industry models that keeps pace with the rapid innovation in the industry.

Specialized bots are how Verint Da Vinci AI is delivered. We build, train, and embed AI models once and they can benefit multiple specialized bots. These bots are then trained on your data so they are highly accurate and effective to deliver significant ROI.

Specialized Bots augment your human workforce

Verint injects AI directly into business workflows, putting AI at your users’ fingertips. We do this through a team of specialized bots, who each perform a specific task to help your human workers.

With these bots, you can remove manual tasks from your customer engagement processes and achieve CX automation. Each bot performs a single task to assist your workforce, such as:

  • Summarizing an interaction, removing after-call work efforts
  • Responding to customer inquires in self-service, deflecting contacts
  • Automatically scoring quality evaluations across all interactions

Verint’s specialized bots continuously improve their expertise and accuracy by training on engagement data in the Engagement Data Hub.

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Verint Da Vinci is the Bot Factory

Verint Da Vinci combines the best of commercial, open source, and proprietary AI and provides it to all Verint bots and applications from the core of the platform.

This open approach means that all bots are powered by the best available AI models for their specific task.  AI is evolving at a rapid pace so as the “best model” changes over time, our team at the bot factory can adjust and apply new models.  Our customers can rest assured that Verint Da Vinci will continue to keep pace and adopt the next innovation in  generative AI models.

Verint Bot Factory

Verint Engagement Data Hub is the bot gym

Better data makes better AI. Our bots are trained on both historical and real-time data to make smarter and faster decisions, with the data from Verint Engagement Data Hub acting as the gym for their training.

Verint brings these diverse data types from multiple applications into a cohesive whole, including: interaction data, experience data, and workforce perfromance data.
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Verint Bot gym

Artificial Intelligence (AI) pacesetter

  • 10B

    10 billion customer interactions per year managed by Verint customers

  • 90K

    90,000 natural language understanding intents for Verint AI solutions

  • 500+

    500+ patents and patent applications across the Verint portfolio

AI at your fingertips

AI isn’t useful if it’s not there when you need it. Verint’s specialized bots are injected directly into the workflows your employees use every day. This means your blended workforce of humans and bots work together seamlessly. When a bot can complete a task to help your agent, like summarizing a call or finding the right knowledge article, the bot works automatically, without the agent needing to do anything. This makes the bots more efficient and offers a better experience for your customers and employees.

Why open matters

There is no single AI model to drive CX automation across your organization. That’s why Verint Da Vinci allows us to combine the best of commercial, open source, and proprietary AI models for our team of specialized bots.

As the field of AI innovates rapidly, Verint’s open approach avoids lock-in. When new technologies emerge with superior AI models,  we can  simply switch the models behind our service APIs. This means you benefit from the new models immediately with zero code changes.  Verint has a dedicated team in the Da Vinci AI group that is continuously evaluating new models with a specific focus on our customer use cases.

AI regulation and ethics

AI regulation is still in its infancy. Verint continuously monitors AI legislation around the world and evaluates what impacts it will have on enterprise AI​. Further, Verint continuously updates its internal AI practices and policies to ensure compliance will be in place ahead of the curve​. We are committed to an ethical and responsible approach to AI, and we have the tools and governance processes in place to eliminate bias in our data sets and models.

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Better data makes better AI

Our open AI models are trained on both historical and real-time data to make smarter and faster decisions. Verint Engagement Data Hub unifies all your engagement data together in a single place. Engagement data consists of:

  • Interaction data across channels
  • Experience data from both customers and employees
  • Workforce performance data

Verint has unique capabilities to harmonize these diverse data types from multiple applications into a cohesive whole.Verint AI models train on your unique data to continuously improve your ability to make better decisions and drive CX automation.

Verint Da Vinci services give open access to AI capabilities

Engagement Data Insights

With Verint Engagement Data Insights, it’s easy to access the entire landscape of engagement data, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Verint Engagement Data Insights gives business users the power to freely explore their organization’s engagement data using a highly intuitive search-driven interface powered by natural language search and generative AI with zero training required.

You can effortlessly monitor key performance indicators, track customer interactions and experiences, and analyze agent performance across multiple channels and systems.

Interaction Summary

Verint Interaction Summary can save millions of dollars in after-call work. In many contact centers, agents are required to create a manual summary of an interaction once the call is complete. This requires the agent to remember the various aspects of the conversation, and accurately and succinctly document them before moving on to the next task.

Often agents will create handwritten notes on their desk to remember details of the interactions, which can pose a serious security risk. This manual call summary process can take several minutes – minutes that could be better spent helping the next customer.


With Verint Da Vinci Redaction, sensitive PII data can be removed or masked so that it cannot be accessed by anyone without specific permission. One of the challenges to meeting privacy regulations and government or industry regulations is accurately identifying interactions containing personally identifiable information (PII).

PII is any data that can be used to identify a specific individual. This includes information such as names, addresses, social security numbers, and date of birth which is often collected during the verification process or when updating customer information.

Call Risk Scoring

Detect fraudulent behavior in your IVR before fraudsters can undermine your agents and long before the fraud event takes place. Verint Call Risk Scoring analyzes more than 1 billion calls per year, so we understand the activities that fraudsters perform in the IVR to steal money from both you and your customers, while also compromising personal data records.

Fraud is a multi-billion-dollar annual industry that has impacted tens of millions of victims in the last year alone. Controlling fraud and ensuring consumer trust are important to both your top and bottom line.

Knowledge Creation Bot

Leverage the power of AI to detect opportunities for new knowledge articles and use generative technology to create content with the touch of a button.

The AI-Powered Knowledge Creation Bot enables your employees and Intelligent Virtual Assistants to benefit from a more complete, accurate, and useful knowledge base – helping to reduce average handle time, increase first contact resolution, and improve CSAT scores.

Speech Transcription

With Verint Speech Transcription, you can transcribe up to 100 percent of calls in your contact center to gain deeper insights into the meaning and context of customer conversations. The service can accurately transcribe calls in over 60 languages and variants, and offers best-in-breed transcription export in a variety of formats.

Instead of relying on a small subset of calls for decision making, you can transcribe millions of calls efficiently and obtain statistically relevant data to help drive improvements to customer service, sales effectiveness, and competitive advantage.

Powered by Verint labs

Verint Da Vinci AI is supported by Verint Labs, where we turn breakthrough science into high-impact customer engagement solutions.

Verint Labs features a team of data and AI scientists actively collaborating with customers, partners, external research organizations and universities. They drive the research-to-product pipeline of Verint Da Vinci and Verint Platform by focusing on improving our AI and machine learning capabilities.

Verint Da Vinci Research
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According to Forrester Research: "A composite of Verint customers received ROI over three years and…"

  • $42

    Million cost savings from improved contact center management.

  • 23%

    Reduction in employee turnover.

  • 391%

    ROI after three years.

Industry recognition

  • Top customer satisfaction scores from DMG Consulting’s 2020 Interaction Analytics Report

  • 4.6 Stars from Gartner Peer Insights for Verint Workforce Optimization

  • Forrester names Verint a leader in the Forrester Wave for Workforce Optimization Platforms, Q4 2021.

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