CCaaS 2024: The Open CCaaS Imperative

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Verint Open CCaaS is a next-generation CCaaS platform for today’s consumers. AI-powered and built to deliver business outcomes, now.

graphic showing how ai powered routing, unified workforce and self-service provide business outcomes now


  • Increase CX Automation

    Increase capacity while simultaneously elevating CX in your contact center.

  • Drive AI Business Outcomes, Now

    AI-powered platform drives tangible ROI targeted to your most pressing business challenges.

  • Add Flexibility with an Open Approach

    Keep the investments that are still working in your ecosystem – no rip and replace needed.

Next-generation CCaaS is powered by AI and built for the digital world

Traditional CCaaS software is telephony-focused and requires a large workforce to connect each customer to a human resource.

By leveraging a team of AI-powered bots, Verint Open CCaaS allows brands to increase capacity while elevating CX. Our next-generation contact center platform was built to increase CX automation across voice and digital channels, delivering AI business outcomes now.

Frost and Sullivan Ranks Verint a Leader in Open CCaaS
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Get started quickly with Open CCaaS Essentials

Verint Open CCaaS Essentials offers a complete set of digital capabilities for the contact center. Companies can select a mix of digital and voice agents for a blended approach, utilizing Verint’s bring-your-own-telephony, universal routing, and a single agent workspace.

Verint Open CCaaS Essentials includes:

  • AI-powered self-service with Verint IVA
  • AI-driven routing with context
  • Unified workforce for digital and voice
  • Choice of chat, email, SMS, and messaging channels
  • Bring your own telephony
  • Embedded knowledge management
  • Rich engagement data and insights

What’s more, Verint Open CCaaS Essentials includes Verint Open Platform with Verint Engagement Data Hub and Verint Da Vinci at its core.

image depicting digital and voice agents together for a blended approach

“For organizations that value the connection between employee experience (EX) and customer experience, open and interoperable cloud-based contact center platforms driven by AI enable the needed access to data for insights across the customer-handling environment.” Read More

Mary Wardley
Program Vice President, Customer Care and CRM, IDC

The Open CCaaS Advantage

Contact center leaders across the world are trying to answer the same two pressing questions:

  • How do you do more with less?
  • How can you maximize workforce efficiency?

The Open CCaaS Advantage report explores how companies can overcome these challenges with an open approach to data, AI and contact center ecosystems.

The report shows the shortcomings of traditional CCaaS solutions and gives you a guide to driving business outcomes through CX automation in your contact center applications.

Read the Report
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Keep your telephony with Open CCaaS

Most CCaaS solutions are built around the telephony channel. You’re required to use the ACD that comes with the platform, no matter what. Verint takes a different approach:

  • Why go through the effort of ripping out your telephony infrastructure if it is still working?
  • What happens if you acquire a company with a different telephony system?

With Verint, if your existing telephony still works for you, keep using it! Verint supports any ACD system, and even allows you to use multiple ACDs across the organization.

Four Challenges of a Telephony-First Approach to CCaaS
1/10 brands think telephony has the biggest impact cx automation graphic

“Instead of starting with telephony and interaction routing, many organizations have adopted a more flexible, “bring your own telephony” approach more aligned with advanced cloud communication offerings. When the core routing system is de-emphasized, an organization is freer to weigh the merits of different business application platforms as the first priority.”

Keith Dawson
Analyst Perspectives, Ventana Research, Jan 2023

What is an open approach to CCaaS?

Most CCaaS solutions are all-in-one packages that require you to completely replace your infrastructure. Verint’s open approach is fundamentally different:

  • Flexible: Keep the existing solutions that work for you, in the cloud or on-premises. Don’t throw away your ACD or CRM just because you are switching platforms.
  • Modular: Pick and choose what parts of the platform you want to deploy first and see AI Business Outcomes Now. Don’t wait through a risky and disruptive rip and replace project.
  • Future Proof: AI is evolving at a rapid pace. Continue to use new AI models from any source so your platform will not become outdated.
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Contact Center as a Service (or in short, CCaaS) is a customer experience (CX) platform that allows organizations to consistently and efficiently manage all their contact center interactions from a single solution. Using CCaaS, businesses can manage a wide range of communications channels, including voice calls, emails, text messages, chats, as well as various social media messages from one place, while also keeping operational costs at bay.