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Your organization’s engagement data is everywhere — but can you take full advantage of it? With Verint Engagement Data Hub, your contact center, branches, web & mobile sites, and overall enterprise can transform into an efficient, data-driven organization.


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What is engagement data?

All the behavioral data generated over the course of interacting with your customers is engagement data:

  • Interaction data — transcripts and recordings of interactions between customers and employees, across voice, digital, and social channels
  • Experience data—surveys and feedback from customers on their interaction experiences.
  • Workforce performance data – operational data about each interaction such as handle time, hold time, quality score, etc.

Engagement data can range from average handle time metrics, to your customer’s feedback on the interaction, as well as the sentiment of your customers and employees. This data is critical for your business, but it often exists in disconnected silos. Without a way to connect these silos, the information you need to make real-time, data-driven decisions remains out of reach.

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Why should you care about engagement data?

Harnessing the power of your behavioral data can be a game changer — catapulting your organization’s CX automation efforts forward — creating real value for agents, supervisors, and managers in your contact center.

However capable your individual solutions are, none of them offer one place to see the full picture of all this data. This means your view of customer engagement is fragmented and incomplete, requiring you to piece together data and align analysis from multiple systems. Outsourcing the problem to your enterprise data team means each request takes days, or even weeks. But in such a fast-paced environment, information is quickly out of date. Your agents and managers need insights in real-time to make data-driven decisions.

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The Verint Engagement Data Hub

At the core of the Verint Open Platform, Verint Engagement Data Hub (EDH) is natively included in every application. It brings easy access to all your customer interaction, experience, and workforce performance data, in the right format, and readily available for analysis — adding significant value to your business. Understanding this data can shed light on changes in:

  • User behavior
  • Interaction volumes
  • Agent performance
  • Sentiment – from both customers and employees

EDH doesn’t replace your existing data lakes, CRM, CDP, or BI tools. It augments them by providing connections so your data is open to your entire organization — not just to your BI teams.

Plus, you’re not limited to data originated in Verint. Outside data can be linked or ingested and enriched from across your organization to provide that essential single source of truth for behavioral  data.

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A “Gym” Where Bots Train

The Engagement Data Hub provides data to all Verint Platform applications while, conversely, all Platform applications automatically populate their data into the Engagement Data Hub. With each added application, the Data Hub becomes even more powerful.

Our team of specialized bots are trained on both historical and real-time data to make smarter and faster decisions, with the data from Verint Engagement Data Hub acting as the gym for their training.

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Data Insights Bot: Delivering AI insights to the contact center

The Verint Data Insights Bot uses AI to automatically discover trends and anomalies — delivering these insights directly to your contact center decision makers. The Bot is simple to use — supporting quick access to these insights with natural language questions. Plus, business users get unlimited access to AI-powered dashboards and reports.

At most organizations, data insights require a request to your data team, and a wait of days, or even weeks. With the current pace of business, your insights are outdated by the time you get them. With the Data Insights Bot, business users can get the insights they need in real-time, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to drive your business.


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Delivering value across your organization

With behavioral data at the core of the Verint Open Platform, your entire contact center workforce can make real-time data driven decisions so that:

  • Agents can understand their own performance trends and receive coaching in real time.
  • Supervisors can use data to get a better understanding of business metrics around interaction volumes and employee performance. This information provides insights needed to make immediate adjustments as needed across channels.
  • Analysts can use the data to improve processes, compliance, and optimize costs.
  • Management can make data-driven decisions based on actual customer sentiment, call volumes, and resource capacity.

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Engagement Data Management fuels the Engagement Data Hub

Verint Engagement Data Management (EDM) is a complete solution to capture, ingest, aggregate, and manage interaction data across all voice and digital channels. EDM helps organizations ensure proper management across all interactions including: storage, replay, access control, redaction, compliance workflows, and archival capabilities. But EDM doesn’t stop at capturing Verint data. Using dozens of prebuilt adaptors, it can ingest additional interaction and engagement data from external systems and archives as well. This gives Verint EDM the unique capability to provide organizations with the full picture of all of their engagement data within the EDH.

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