Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) enables the quick and efficient deployment of CX automation across your engagement channels to deliver AI-powered and personalized self-service customer experiences, while also improving contact center operations. 

Verint IVA helped customers to achieve:

  • 48%

    Containment achieved within one month of deployment — an 18-point improvement.

  • 20%

    Reduction in call transfer rates immediately after deployment, helping to double automated reservations through voice, digital, SMS and mobile channels.

  • 1.4 million

    Calls handled during healthcare open enrollment period – 54% of which were able to actively enroll without human assistance

Automate Customer Interactions and Reduce Agent Workload with Verint Containment Bots

The Voice and Digital Containment Bots use NLU and AI to efficiently automate interactions with customers across digital and voice channels. With this bot, brands can provide personalized self-service experiences so they can resolve customer queries and improve agent efficiencies by reducing the number of interactions escalated to them.

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Learn What Your Customers Want With Verint Intent Discovery Bot

The Intent Discovery Bot puts powerful AI to work to quickly cut through the noise to uncover what your customers truly want and need. By identifying high-value customer intents from your engagement data in voice or digital channels – including call recording transcripts, email, chats, support tickets, and more — the bot immediately helps to improve CX automation and leads to better customer outcomes.

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Power effortless self-service and contact center efficiency with Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Build once, Deploy Anywhere

  • IVA Studio delivers a low-code bot orchestration and management environment to design, train, test, deploy, and fine-tune multilingual virtual assistants for digital, voice, and social channels.
  • Easily create non-linear and multi-turn conversations, identify intents, train AI models, and author responses in conversational flows, all of which can be further customized with a pro-code option.

Easily Integrate with Various Applications and Services

  • Provides connectors to your new or existing contact center, CRM, as well as business applications, digital, and voice channels, IVR and telephony to get the most out of your existing investments.
  • Pre-built and custom-built widgets automate a range of tasks and can be reused across conversation flows.
  • Customize your virtual assistant to meet specific chat or messaging channel needs and brand guidelines to increase user engagement.

NLU and AI Models to Quickly Craft Engaging Conversations

  • Verint IVA offers pre-packaged, industry specific NLU models to jump start your IVA efforts. Backed by a world-class dataset, these models detect highly accurate end user intentions and extract entities to generate personalized, intelligent responses.
  • Incorporates commercial and third-party models, including generative AI and large language models (LLMs) so you can test and flexibly publish and fine-tune bots  in a unified environment.

Gain Insights to Optimize Your Virtual Assistant Performance

  • Easily customizable dashboards and analytics about users, conversations, and performance so you can always see how your IVA is performing.
  • Helps conversation designers see the entire user journey and behavior, usage and containment metrics, intent identification and failed tasks to provide visibility into areas of improvement.

Verint IVA enables Amtrak travelers instant service and delivers impressive results

Learn how Amtrak leverage the power of Verint Conversational AI to achieve an 8x return on chatbot investment

“Over 5 million questions are answered by Ask Julie annually. With Julie, waiting for service is a thing of the past, as she’s easily capable of simultaneously serving the needs of every visitor.”

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One IVA across your organization

  • IVA For Self-Service

    Verint IVA is a next-generation conversational AI solution that’s been serving customers in industries from healthcare to hospitality for more than two decades so companies can:

    • Give customers the ability to answer questions and solve problems at any time, without needing to speak to a agent.
    • Go beyond simply answering questions by delivering actionable service such as scheduling an appointment, changing a reservation, or making a purchase without the need for agent assistance.
    • Improve productivity by freeing up agents to focus on the time-sensitive and complex customer service issues that truly require a human touch. Verint IVA can gather interaction context and route the issue to the agent so the customer doesn’t need to repeat information.

Verint IVA is Part of the Verint Open CCaaS Platform

Verint IVA for both digital and voice is part of the Verint Open CCaaS platform, which  provides the foundation to choose the right path for your contact center now and in the future. This next-generation open platform delivers customer experience (CX) automation through best-of-breed solutions using AI-powered bots to lower contact center costs and improve operations across your organization.

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