Conversational AI

Harnesses conversational AI and a low-code approach to scale customer conversations across all your engagement channels – from voice to digital – for immediate ROI.   

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Verint Conversational AI helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences

  • Automate Actionable Experiences

    Whether it’s booking a flight, changing a medical appointment, or helping a customer to purchase a product, Verint Conversational AI does more than just handle FAQs.

  • Deploy in Just Weeks

    Our intuitive, low-code bot-building environment – Verint IVA Studio – makes it easy to build, launch, tune, and improve virtual assistants to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • Improve CX, Reduce Costs

    Exceed your CX KPIs by providing customers the immediate, personalized service they expect while also reducing your support costs.

Verint Conversational AI enables Amtrak travelers instant service while delivering impressive results

Learn how Amtrak leverage the power of Verint Conversational AI to achieve an 8x return on chatbot investment.

“Over 5 million questions are answered by Ask Julie annually. With Julie, waiting for service is a thing of the past, as she’s easily capable of simultaneously serving the needs of every visitor.”

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Power effortless self-service and contact center efficiency with Verint Conversational AI

Easier, Faster Automation with IVA Studio

Verint IVA Studio easily integrates with existing conversational AI systems through pre-built connectors. The low-code virtual assistant building environment lets your organization easily create, understand, and fine-tune your IVAs all in one visualized setting for digital and voice channels.

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Use Any Conversational AI Integration

Verint IVA Studio has prebuilt connectors for most major conversational AI channels and developers can utilize the low-code editor for custom integrations, enabling conversation designers to use any integration to build conversational logic or responses. 

Leverage One of the World’s Largest Data Sets with Verint Da Vinci

Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics powers Verint Conversational AI solutions through advanced intelligence and automation. Powered by more than two decades of real-world experience, Da Vinci activates insights and automates experiences for both your customers and your employees.

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Analyze and Refine Your Conversational Experiences

Monitor how your virtual assistant is performing through customized dashboards that include tools to help conversation designers see the entire user journey and provide visibility and insight into how to adjust the technology.

Leverage the power of an extensive NLU library

Pre-packaged, industry-specific natural language understanding (NLU) models deliver highly accurate and personalized automated responses to help your customers self-serve, lower your inbound service volumes, and provide an immediate ROI. These NLU models seamlessly integrate into your current chatbot solutions to deliver hyper-personalized, sophisticated, and attentive natural language techniques that produce meaningful, natural, and human-like conversations on day one.

Reduce Inbound Volume and Improve CSAT with Verint Containment Bots

The Voice and Digital Containment Bots uses NLU-based AI to efficiently automate conversations with customers across digital and voice channels. With this bot, brands can provide personalized self-service experiences so they can resolve customer queries, and identify which interactions should be escalated to assisted service. 

Deliver seamless CX at scale with Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) enables the quick and efficient deployment of CX automation across your engagement channels to deliver consistent and personalized self-service customer experiences, while also improving contact center operations. 

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Read the Complete Guide to Conversational AI

Learn more about the power of conversational AI including benefits, use cases and customer preferences.

Read The Complete Guide To Conversational AI

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