Analytics and Insights

Use the power of CX Automation to surface meaningful insights across voice and text channels so you can lower costs and improve CX.

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Part of the Verint Open CCaaS Platform

Analytics and Insights solutions are part of the core capabilities of the Verint Open CCaaS Platform. These AI-powered solutions bring meaning to your unstructured interaction data so you can make quick, data-driven decisions. With these solutions powering your CCaaS, you’ll have an advantage over your competition in your ability to:

  • Quickly spot and react to anomalies in customer interactions
  • Detect customer sentiment across channels
  • Benefit from the highest level of transcription accuracy
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Bots for Analytics & Insights

Among Verint’s ever growing workforce of bots, we have bots specifically designed to analyze unstructured data and deliver insights for Call Risk Scoring, Exact Transcription, PII Redaction, Real-time Coaching, and more.

Meet the Bots

Are you seeing the full picture of your customer service operations?

With so many interactions across phone, chat, social media, and more, it’s hard to see the full picture of your contact center and broader customer service operations. And when there is no shortage of data to review, it’s a challenge to see what really matters.

When there’s a sudden issue with your website, products, or processes, customer sentiment can plummet. You need to see where immediate attention and action are needed. Learn how Verint Interaction Analytics gives you proactive insights to improve your customer experience.

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Analytics and insights product lineup

  • Interaction Analytics

    Interact with your customers on whatever channel they choose while uncovering valuable insights — regardless of where or how these interactions take place.
  • Speech Analytics

    The most-used and highest-rated speech analytics application on the market. Surface valuable intelligence from recorded calls.
  • Text Analytics

    Extract actionable business insights from unstructured data across web chat, email, social media, and call notes to drive an enhanced insight into your customer experience (CX).
  • Desktop and Process Analytics

    Optimize processes to improve employee productivity and capacity and help ensure compliance.
  • Application Triggers

    Leverage desktop application events for real-time compliance and employee guidance in areas such as PCI, PII and HIPAA.
  • Application Visualizer

    Gain visibility into contact center agent desktop activity and behavior.
  • Verint Coaching Bots

    Today’s agents need real-time assistance to drive positive outcomes for complex customer calls. Help your agents in the moment.
  • Call Risk Scoring

    Detect fraudulent behavior in your IVR before fraudsters can social engineer your agents and long before the fraud event takes place

Benefit from industry-leading technology

  • 2,000+

    Customer Deployments Worldwide

  • 80

    Languages and Dialects

  • #1

    Customer Rated and Most Used Globally

Unrivaled comprehension accuracy

Some of the world’s most iconic brands rely on Verint Speech Analytics. Powered by Verint Da Vinci AI, we put unmatched transcription and comprehension accuracy at your fingertips. Accurately process voice with complete speaker separated transcription for  100% of customer interactions.

Comprehensive analysis includes:

  • AI-driven conversational themes
  • Push-button root cause analysis
  • Emerging trends on categories and unlimited terms
  • Sentiment analysis and core on every interaction
  • Visual map of every call
  • Automated KPI calculations and more.
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Across channels and beyond calls

More and more customer conversations occur on channels besides the phone. Verint Text Analytics provides a comprehensive view of these conversations across channels.

Verint uses two different purpose-built engines to process speech and text so you can provide channel-specific conversational analytics such as:

  • Overtalk
  • Silence
  • Chat duration
  • Number of messages
  • Idle time
  • And much more

These insights are then combined into a unified dashboard for a complete picture of customer interactions.

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Super-charge your insights with context

You need context beyond the conversation. A negative outcome can be caused by slow applications, a lack of training or a confusing process.

Verint Desktop and Process Analytics gives you the context to fully understand how employees are spending their time, where they might be struggling, and what processes might need streamlining to improve performance.  These insights are even more critical as employees work from anywhere.

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Track your employees’ desktop activities

Verint Application Visualizer gives managers objective, real-time data on employee application usage to help manage employees, provide feedback, and increase the capacity and productivity of both on-site and work-from-home employees. With Application Visualizer, supervisors can see:

  • If employees use correct applications during interactions
  • Best practices of top performers
  • Employees who are struggling and need coaching
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