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Extract actionable business intelligence from unstructured data across web chat, email, social media, and call notes to drive an enhanced insight into your customer experience (CX).

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Key Research Insights

Forrester Consulting’s The Total Economic Impactof Verint study, found that by using speech and text analytics, organizations identified top reasons for customer calls and crafted strategies to shift support to less expensive channels like automated chat bots.

“With Verint in place, we deflect about 72% of our calls right now through IVR and other automation that are happening today. It’s a great benefit for us.” – VP of customer service and support, financial services

Are you seeing the full picture of your contact center?

With so many interactions across phone, chat, social media and more, it’s hard to see the full picture of your contact center. And when there is no shortage of data to review, it’s a challenge to see what really matters.

You need to see where immediate attention and action are needed within seconds. If there’s a sudden issue with your website, products, or processes, customer sentiment can plummet. Learn how Verint Interaction Analytics gives you proactive insights to improve your customer experience.

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Key Features

  • Uncover your customers’ key concerns

    Use Verint Text Analytics to analyze your large volumes of text-based data from channels such as chat, email, and social media. Gain crucial insights into the topics that are top-of-mind for your customers.

  • Discover key themes automatically

    Automated theme discovery can identify new discussion topics. Identify, track, and explain both positive and negative customer sentiment about text-based interactions so you can take appropriate actions quickly.

  • Speed up insights into key contact center metrics and KPI’s

    Use pre-defined language templates with industry-specific terms or use your own specific business knowledge and subject matter expertise to keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

  • Optimize omnichannel customer engagement

    Combine insights from text and voice-based channels for a unified view of interactions across your contact center.

Automatically Gather Topic, Relation and Sentiment Analysis

Verint Text Analytics uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide deep insights about your text-based customer interactions. The application can automatically identify topics, relations, and significant trends, as well as the customer sentiment throughout the interactions.

Users can keep the application up to date with the latest categories and reports found in the Verint Marketplace. What’s more, machine learning and model-driven capabilities automatically surface up unknowns in the data for further analysis.

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Text Analytics Tools Built for the Contact Center

As web chat usage skyrockets, advanced analysis of these conversations is imperative. Verint Text Analytics is specifically designed for the contact center, including chat-specific metrics like average handle time, sentiment, message count, and more.

The application supports conversational analytics and can separate interactions into employee and customer streams, so you know which words were used by each speaker. The solution also includes out of the box adapters to automatically ingest and analyze chat conversations from a variety of vendors.

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Stay Up-to-Date With Our Free Online Marketplace

At Verint, we use our unparalleled experience and expertise to continually drive innovation and improve accuracy. Now, the Verint Marketplace gives you immediate access to these innovations.

All Verint Speech Analytics and Text Analytics customers have complimentary access to the online marketplace, which contains reports and categories, updated each month. With the marketplace, you can easily download and use the latest innovations to keep your system up to date.

Further, as part of the Verint Community, you’ll also have access to a robust library of best practices, tips and tricks, and answers to common questions, all at no cost.

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Holistic Analysis Across Interaction Channels

As customers use an increasing number of interaction channels, it is critical to take a holistic view of your contact center interactions. Deploying Verint Text Analytics along with Verint Speech Analytics allows you to converge insights across channels for even greater insight and impact. With a powerful set of dashboards, actions, and alerts, you can combine sentiment, categories, and other insights across voice and text channels. Powered by the accuracy of Verint Da Vinci transcription and rich categories built from years of expertise, these dashboards give you immediate insights and closed-loop actions and workflow to improve your customer experience.

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