Interaction Analytics

Interact with your customers on whatever channel they choose while uncovering valuable insights — regardless of where or how these interactions take place.

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Get the Complete Picture with Unified Insights

As more and more customers turn to digital channels, like chat and text, rather than the phone, it’s more critical than ever to understand the insights hidden in each of these customer interactions.

Verint Interaction Analytics breaks down silos to unify the view of your rich, unstructured data for a complete picture of your contact center interactions — enhancing customer experience and reducing time and effort. Get a view of what’s driving customer sentiment across both your voice and text channels.

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Key Features

  • Understand data that’s being generated by interactions across channels

    Your customers expect to be able to reach out to you in multiple channels — and combinations of channels. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have the ability to view and analyze data from wherever your customers are contacting you.

  • See speech and text data in a single view

    A unified view of both your speech and text data helps you decrease the risk of missing out on key insights. A complete picture of what’s going on in your contact center can offer clear direction as to what actions are needed to improve your customers’ experiences.

  • Be notified of critical product or services issues with built-in alerts

    Built-in alerts allow you to take action quickly to avoid issues from escalating. Alerts can also be used to trigger automated actions and workflows across channels.

  • Discover the top categories that are impacting both positive and negative sentiment

    Learn what is driving sentiment in customer interactions. Use Verint Speech and Text Analytics to dig deeper and uncover the root causes of sentiment changes. Once identified, actions can be taken and monitored to track their success.

  • Identify agents who could use additional coaching to improve performance

    By tracking negative changes in sentiment for specific employees, you’re able to put plans in place for additional coaching or training needed to improve their interactions with customers — improving customer experience.

Be Alerted to Issues as They Arise

When critical product or services issues, such as a website problem, product outage, or weather event arise, Verint Interaction Analytics offers built-in alerts to notify you of the problems so prompt actions can be taken. These alerts can also indicate situations where additional agent coaching might be required to increase empathy.

It takes more than reports to truly make an impact. You need to be able to quickly take action and employ automated workflows when there is a problem that requires attention. Being able to identify conversation topics that are having the greatest impact on positive and negative sentiment means that immediate corrective actions can be taken to improve customer service.
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What should you be looking for in an interaction analytics solution? Check out our Interaction Analytics Buyer’s Guide to learn about the key features that will help you stay ahead of your competition.

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Gain Even Greater Insights

As issues are uncovered in Interaction Analytics, you can dive deeper into your analysis of the problems — down to the interaction level — with Verint Speech Analytics and Text Analytics.

Gain additional critical insights from customer conversations using speech analytics. Verint Speech Analytics enhances contact center performance with insights to reduce agent handle time and repeat calls. It also surfaces insights regarding satisfaction, business issues, competitive intelligence, and marketing campaigns. Reduce churn by discovering root causes and predicting at-risk customers via your contact center recordings.

As the use of web chat and other text-based channels continues to grow, advanced analysis of these conversations is imperative. Verint Text Analytics is specifically designed for the contact center, including chat-specific metrics like average handle time, sentiment, message count, and more.
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All Verint Speech Analytics and Text Analytics customers have complimentary access to the online marketplace, which contains new reports and categories, updated on a regular basis.

With the marketplace, you can easily download and use the latest updates to keep your system up to date.

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