The Open CCaaS Advantage

The CX challenges facing contact center leaders across the world have changed; top of the list is answering two pressing questions:

  • How do you do more with less?
  • How can you maximize workforce efficiency?

The Open CCaaS Advantage report explores how companies can overcome these challenges with an open approach to data, AI and contact center ecosystems.

The report demonstrates the shortcomings of traditional CCaaS solutions and gives you a guide to creating genuine ROI by building CX automation into the heart of your contact center applications.

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What Will Have the Biggest Impact on Organizations’ CX Automation?

Telephony is no longer the focal point of modern contact centers; only 10% of business leaders think the channel will impact their CX automation efforts the most over the next 12 months.

Telephony is still for vital customer engagement, but the exponential growth of digital channels shows why it shouldn’t be the driving force behind CCaaS purchasing decisions.

A new approach that embraces a wide scope of engagement channels and elevates customer experience through CX automation is needed.

53% of contact center leaders think that AI (artificial intelligence) will have the biggest impact on CX automation in the next 12 months

…contact center leaders recognize the vital role automation will play in driving exceptional customer experiences.

Where First Generation CCaaS Falls Short

CX execs are forced to settle for platforms which offer “almost good enough” solutions that don’t elevate CX across the organization.

  1. 57% don’t have seamless access to omnichannel customer engagement data.
  2. 53% can’t take advantage of 3rd party innovation (such as ChatGPT).
  3. 52% aren’t sharing straightforward data/knowledge across multiple departments.

How to Future Proof Your Contact Center

An open platform enables companies to achieve CX automation through next generation CCaaS.

  • Use data to train bots and deliver actionable customer insights.
  • Leverage the latest AI models to deliver better CX.
  • Enable ecosystems to easily integrate external APIs and new technology.
Discover the Benefits of Open CCaaS

25% of CX leaders work for companies with no CCaaS – they haven't been persuaded to move away from on-premises solutions in the contact center.

  • 60%

    Of them don’t think CCaaS offers everything they need

  • 54%

    see CCaaS platforms as too expensive or beyond their budget constraints

  • 54%

    say that legacy technology infrastructure makes it difficult to integrate with the cloud

Verint Open CCaaS Platform offers the freedom to choose the right path for your contact center now and in the future—enabling you to elevate CX while evolving at your own pace.

Speak to one of our experts and start your journey to the next generation of CCaaS.

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