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Building the optimal customer experience (CX) requires retailers to balance digital, in-store, and contact center experiences. Drive higher CSAT, NPS, loyalty, and revenue across channels and journeys with retail solutions from Verint.

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The Verint Experience Index: Retail

After collecting more than 6,000 survey responses focusing on the top 25 US retailers, Amazon ranked top for both customer satisfaction (CSAT) and net promoter score (NPS). Get your copy of the report to find out where the rest of the retailers ranked and key insights to build a CX strategy that optimizes every customer interaction.

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Product Lineup

  • Appointment Booking & Queue Management

    Drive sales, loyalty, and productivity by choreographing outstanding customer experiences across channels.
  • Verint Voice of the Customer

    Listen everywhere, analyze deeper, and act immediately with Verint Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions – to increase customer loyalty and business performance.
  • Enterprise Workforce Management

    Powerful workforce management software improves both the customer and the employee experience while helping your organization achieve its goals.
  • Channel Automation

    Scale customer engagement through a combination of channels, workforce orchestration, and bots.

Retail Choreography

It’s time to transform your omni-channel retail strategy and engage customers seamlessly online, via social media, and your physical stores. Qudini by Verint provides a suite of Retail Choreography software solutions that help you manage and analyze what’s going on in your stores.

With Retail Choreography you have a single platform with multiple solutions that can be easily set up and used out-of-the-box to help you with Appointment Scheduling, Queue Management, and more.

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Verint Voice of the Customer

The key to outstanding CX isn’t one thing, it’s seeing the big picture. With Verint Voice of the Customer solutions, you can easily and automatically aggregate and integrate customer insights from across the enterprise, including contact center, digital, and in-location. By unifying and structuring your customer data, you finally have the clarity to drive high-value operational decisions across the organization that help to automate continuous CX, reduce customer effort and streamline the customer journey across multiple channels.

Verint Voice of the Customer empowers retailers to view, analyze and act on direct, indirect and inferred customer feedback to improve enterprise-wide customer engagement, reduce customer effort and drive successful CX programs by.

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Workforce Management for Retail

Your retail employees need the flexibility to balance their busy lives with their work responsibilities. You need the right employees scheduled at the right time to meet customer expectations. Are you ready to increase productivity and satisfaction while improving customer experience?

Verint Workforce Management for retailers provides insights from hiring to staffing to scheduling across channels. You can now have visibility to forecast and schedule across in-store, contact center, and digital teams without sacrificing CX or efficiency.

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Channel Automation

To create an optimal customer experience, retailers need to strike a balance between digital and traditional channels. Imagine if you could connect touchpoints across front and back-office workforces, offer a single source of contextual knowledge, and accurately analyze interactions.

With Verint Channel Automtaion, you can unify customer interactions across channels in a single-pane agent experience to power consistent conversations, leverage automation, and deploy staff flexibly all with fewer resources and less effort.

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Verint Voice of the Customer amplifies digital transformation

GNC helps people live healthier lives by giving them easy access to wellness products. But, the ecommerce team felt the pressure when the world moved digital-first and online demand skyrocketed. They turned to Verint Voice of the Customer to improve feedback collection that gave them the insight needed to fix frustrating digital issues.

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“GNC is a big company with many moving parts, but we’re all seeing the same feedback data, so we can coordinate and respond as one. Our customers have noticed, and we have clear evidence that the changes we made have had a positive impact on sales.” – GNC

Optimize digital communications to increase revenue

The Verint Experience Index for Retail 2022 found that digital interactions, whether by social or private messaging channels, are the most effective way for retailers to turn customer communications into sales. With the right historical data, your interactions can be tailored to each customer’s preferences and needs.

Are you sending the right message at the right time to create recurring purchases, decrease cart abandonment, and remove friction from the sales process? Now you can automate your digital-first interactions and include self-service purchase flows to lower effort.

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Driving recommendations and repeat customers

Your customers demand seamless experiences across in-store and digital channels. If you fail to invest in the physical store or reimagine your digital experiences, you could lose the ability to understand your customer, which negatively impacts your ability to drive loyalty and repeat customers.

On the other hand, those who focus on improving the customer experience will see improved CSAT and NPS scores. By implementing a CX program to integrate online and in-store assets, you can remove friction from the buying process and gain more repeat sales and recommendations

Forrester Report: Construct The Business Case For Digital Store Transformation
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