Retail Choreography

Manage and analyze the activities in your stores.

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What is Retail Choreography?

Qudini by Verint provides a suite of Retail Choreography software solutions that help you manage and analyze what’s going on in your stores. With our innovative solutions, you can transform your omni-channel retail strategy and engage customers seamlessly online, via social media, and your physical stores.

Qudini by Verint Retail Choreography is a single platform with multiple solutions that can be easily set up and used out-of-the-box to help you with Appointment Scheduling, Queue Management, Retail Analytics, and more.

Retail Choreography Features

  • Appointment Scheduling

    Increase conversion for your in-store services by making it easy for customers to book appointments from any channel.
  • Queue Management

    Create more informed waiting experiences to retain walk-ins, boost loyalty, and increase customer spend.
  • Retail Analytics

    Unlock game-changing analytics and AI-driven insights on your customer experience and store operations.
  • Retail Ecosystem Integrations

    Take your omnichannel experience, operations, and data to the next level by connecting Qudini by Verint into your ecosystem of tools.

Appointment Scheduling

With Qudini by Verint Appointment Scheduling, your customers can easily schedule appointments in your retail locations from any channel, including your website, mobile app, online ads, and social media pages. Simplifying the process of creating an appointment can improve a variety of metrics across your stores, including:

  • Foot traffic
  • Sales
  • Customer loyalty
  • Resource allocation
  • Shop floor productivity
Learn more about Appointment Scheduling

Queue Management

Retain walk-ins, increase customer spend, and boost loyalty with informed waiting experiences. Walk-in customers can easily join a virtual queue through your host, kiosk, QR code, or SMS, helping to manage customer expectations and provide a relaxed waiting experience.

With Queue Management, you can be sure the right people are in the right place at the right time by managing your customers and available store associates in one place. Dashboards and reports show you who your customers are, why they visit, how long they wait to be served, and more.

Plus, state of the art machine learning can use this data to predict future events and the staff needed to support them.

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Retail Analytics

With Retail Analytics, you can unlock AI-driven insights on your customer experience and store operations. Qudini by Verint captures 100 different data points on a single customer’s experience, including:

  • Who visits your stores and why
  • Which channels they used
  • What was their experience like

Gain the insights needed to reduce operational costs and increase sales by capturing data across your shop floor, including time and motion insights, staff performance, customer wait times, and more.

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Retail Ecosystem Integrations

As a stand-alone application, the value of retail choreography is significant. But when our suite of software is integrated with your existing retail software ecosystem, it becomes even more powerful. Advance your omnichannel experience, operations, and data by connecting into your ecosystem of tools, such as:

  • In-store customer engagement platforms
  • eCommerce
  • BI & AI
  • Telematics
  • Marketing and social platforms
  • And more
Learn more about Retail Ecosystem Integrations

Event Management

Drive brand loyalty by making it easy for your customers to discover and register for in-store and virtual events, workshops and classes, including:

  • Online events, webinars, and classes
  • In-store classes and workshops
  • VIP events and parties
  • Community activities
  • Private employee events
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Task Management

Drive cross-organizational collaboration by easily sharing tasks, tips, resources, and messages across your stores. With Task Management, you can give your head office teams, regional managers and store managers the ability to communicate tasks, company updates, tips, motivational messages and action items to stores on a daily basis.

Improve collaboration, manage tasks, and improve the quality and effectiveness of your communication.

Click and Collect Check-in

Drive customer loyalty with efficient order pickup from in your store, door side, or curbside. To make the process as simple as possible, your customers can quickly check in when they arrive by phone, host or kiosk.

This check-in automatically notifies your store team when customers arrive so they can speed up order collection and exceed customer expectations.

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Shop Floor Management

Allocate your store employees to the right places at the right times. Improve productivity, collaboration and team morale by enabling your store managers to centrally view and manage data about store associates, such as:

  • Shift times
  • Scheduled appointments
  • Locations
  • Break times

The solution also allows employees to use their own devices to view their shift times, activities for the day, request breaks, and more. Plus, real-time insights and alerts can help improve store performance.

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