Event Management

Achieve greater brand loyalty by helping customers to seamlessly find and register for in-person and virtual events, workshops, and classes.

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Engage customers from multiple channels

Use Event Management to boost registrations by enabling customers to sign up for in-person and virtual events via multiple channels, including:  

  • Websites 
  • Mobile apps 
  • Search engines 
  • Social media pages 
  • QR codes 
  • Store or contact center associates 
  • And more 

Increase foot traffic with personalized messaging

Drive event attendance with automated email and SMS reminders that include:  

  • Calendar links and other helpful links 
  • Venue information and map links 
  • A link to seamlessly reschedule or cancel 
  • Video conferencing links for online events and webinars 
  • Content in a variety of languages 

Drive sales with better customer experiences

Enhance events, learn more about attendees, and increase long-term loyalty with key Event Management features, such as:  

  • Easy check-in by mobile or in-person kiosk 
  • QR codes to check customers in 
  • Post event emails to capture feedback and encourage future visits 
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Get more done in less time

Seamlessly manage your events alongside your available resources with: 

  • Full access to manage events on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices 
  • A specialized host venue manager app 
  • Manage walk-in customers, appointments, tasks and breaks alongside events
  • And more 

Enhance operations with powerful data insights

Optimize event planning, supply chain and marketing strategies using Verint’s cutting-edge Event Management software to analyze: 

  • Who is visiting your stores and why 
  • Event topic demand 
  • Cancellations and reschedules 
  • How attendees hear about your events 
  • Which channels customers use to register 
  • Which customers are already loyal to your brand 
  • Resource allocation versus demand 
  • Venue associate performance 
  • Customer feedback 
  • How public data such as the weather and traffic could impact the performance of your events
  • And more 

Event Management Software Use Cases 

  • Virtual events, webinars, and classes 
  • In-person tutorials, classes, and workshops 
  • VIP events and parties 
  • Brand community activities 
  • B2B customer events 
  • Private employee events 

Other Retail Choreography Capabilities

  • Appointment Booking

    Increase foot traffic and conversion by making it easy for customers to book appointments from any channel.
  • Queue Management

    Create more informed waiting experiences to retain walk-ins, boost loyalty, and increase customer spend.
  • Task Management

    Increase workforce productivity and operational excellence by seamlessly sending tasks, resources and communications to your stores.
  • Retail Analytics

    Unlock game-changing analytics and AI-driven insights on your customer experience and store operations.
  • Retail Ecosystem Integrations

    Take your omnichannel experience, operations, and data to the next level by connecting Qudini by Verint into your ecosystem of tools.