Samsung Drives Sales with Enhanced Customer Experience

Samsung serves and sells to more customers by increasing footfall, walk-in retention, and shop floor efficiency.

The results

  • Increased sales

  • Increased foot traffic and walk-in retention

  • Improved store team productivity

About Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate which manufactures a wide array of technology products. The well-known manufacturing brand opened its first European store in 2014. Samsung began building its global store presence by providing physical locations where they could establish long-lasting relationships with customers by offering engaging services and in-store experiences. Samsung created two store formats based on their ‘Store of the Future’ concept.

Samsung Support Centers (SSC) provide expert technology care, advice, and repair services, while Samsung Experience Stores (SES) showcase Samsung’s latest technology products and supply best-in-class service through one-to-one and one-to-many workshop style formats.

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Support multiple customer journeys across offerings

Within both types of stores, Samsung needed to support multiple customer journeys across their sales, care, and repair offerings. They also needed to manage walk-in customers from the street to limit any unnecessary queuing in-store.

“We had customers queuing in a very long queue, Samsung’s CX Leader recalled. “It wasn’t the best experience for our existing customers, the in-store colleagues or even new customers that wanted to come into the store.” In addition, they said, “There was no real way of booking an appointment. Certainly online, there was nothing available.”

The IM Development Executive at Samsung explained, “In-store, they used very rudimentary spreadsheets to manage customer appointments, so they would frequently double book, not knowing how many customer appointments were open.”

Deliver an exceptional customer experience with Verint Appointment Booking

To deliver a premium customer experience and service, Samsung partnered up with Verint to roll out our innovative Retail Choreography solutions across its portfolio of European stores, including our Appointment Booking Software*, Queue Management Software* and Event Management*. Namely, they implemented these systems in Samsung Experience Stores and Samsung Support Centre stores in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands.

After analyzing industry suppliers across the globe, they chose Verint thanks to our scalable and flexible cloud software, as well as our company’s energy and adaptability. The Verint Retail Choreography software enables Samsung to deliver a consistently exceptional customer experience in their stores, which has increased footfall and helped retain customers.

Customers using the Samsung website find their nearest store. They schedule an appointment using Samsung’s Store Appointment Software for one-to-one tutorials and repair services online. The customer receives booking confirmation via SMS and email. The day before their appointment, they also receive an appointment reminder text or email. When the customer arrives in-store, the host checks them in, automatically notifying their assigned advisor who comes to find them right away.

Verint Queue Management improves customer engagement

A store host uses the Samsung Customer Queue Management System to greet walk-in customers. The host takes their details for service and Verint calculates a wait time.

Customers add their mobile number and receive an SMS message with a weblink to watch their position in the queue in real-time. TV screens dotted around the store also display their name and position in the queue.

During the wait, the customer can explore and try Samsung products or even leave the store if there is a long wait. They receive an SMS update inviting them to return to the store when their turn draws near. 

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Verint Event Management increases foot traffic with personalized messaging

Customers using the Samsung website find their nearest store. They browse and book upcoming events for product tutorials and workshops using the Samsung Event Management Software.

A confirmation SMS and email confirms their event registration. A reminder SMS and email are sent the day before the event. When the customer arrives in-store, the host checks them in and directs them to their event.

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The benefits

With Verint Appointment Booking and Verint Event Management, Samsung was able to drive more footfall to store by making it seamless for customers to book appointments. 

Using Verint Queue Management enabled Samsung to improve walk-in retention due to the enhanced waiting experience. Samsung stores no longer have a physical queue for their service center and can better use their store space for product displays and customer experience offerings. Verint’s platform helps Samsung provide great customer service even after they have left the store. 

The improved waiting experience for walk-in customers and improved customer experience for those with pre-booked appointments and events has improved customer satisfaction and resulting NPS scores. This enables Samsung to build stronger brand relationships and loyalty with more customers.

In addition, using Verint Retail Choreography solutions brought about improved productivity and staff resources for Samsung. Not wasting time managing customers and complaints has given store associates more time to serve customers and complete important tasks. The ability to see upcoming appointments alongside the wealth of data provided by the Verint platform enabled the Samsung head office to better understand their operations to improve sales, resourcing, stocking of parts and marketing initiatives. 

The improved experience within Samsung’s stores has also driven greater sales for Samsung’s channel partners who have stores nearby (e.g., same high-street or shopping center).

Overall, Verint Retail Choreography has enabled Samsung stores to serve and sell to more customers, by increasing footfall, walk-in retention, and shop floor efficiency. With Samsung increasingly building their ‘store of the future’ concept with new customer service offerings, Verint provides them with a tool to ensure their initiatives are seamless and effective. 

*The solutions referred to as Verint Appointment Booking, Queue Management, and Event Management were called Qudini Appointment Booking, Walk-in Virtual Queuing, and Event Management, respectively, when originally purchased, prior to acquisition by Verint. 

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