Queue Management

Create more informed waiting experiences to retain walk-ins, boost loyalty, and increase customer spend.

Improve customer engagement

Enhance the experience for walk-in customers by allowing them to join a virtual queue for service. Customers can easily join the waitlist from a variety of channels, including your host, a self-service kiosk, a smartphone, QR code, or IoT device.

Preserve foot traffic

Retain walk-in customers by managing their expectations with a digital queuing system. Your customers will have a more relaxed waiting experience since they can easily see their updated wait times and queue position through:

  • Your host or greeter
  • SMS messages
  • A smartphone webpage
  • TV displays
  • Printed tickets

Know your customers

Use our Queue Management Software to increase conversion, customer spend and ongoing loyalty by knowing your walk-in customers and offering a more personalized service with:

  • Tailored customer questions
  • Visual customer descriptions, customer profile records and CRM integration
  • Outcome reporting
  • Easy follow-up bookings and post-visit messages

Manage activities

Make sure the right people are in the right place to help your customers efficiently. You can manage the entire shop floor from a single device, and access the virtual queue from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

View real-time overview dashboards as well as personalized interfaces for individual associates. Stay up to date in managing your queues with:

  • Outlook calendar integration
  • Push notifications alerts for key events
  • SMS alerts when KPIs are exceeded
  • Management of pre-scheduled appointments alongside walk-ins

Unparalleled insights

Harness a vast array of insights to continually improve your foot traffic, sales, resourcing strategies, supply chain management and marketing initiatives.

Dashboards and reports help you better understand your queuing operations, with data such as:

  • Who your customers are and why they visit
  • Which customers are loyal to your brand
  • How your store resources compare against customer demand
  • How long your customers wait to be served
  • Staff performance and productivity insights

AI-driven predictions

State-of-the-art machine learning algorithms combine queue management data, third-party application data and public data sets (such as the weather) to predict the future and provide your teams with AI-driven, actionable insights.

Quick time to value with out of the box software

Our enterprise-grade, cloud-based application is flexible and customizable, making it simple to deploy and use. The single, unified platform spans multiple solutions and easily integrates with your existing CRM, WFM, video conferencing systems, and more. The platform is multilingual and supports multiple-time zones, and is ISO27001 and GDPR compliant.

Use cases for Queue Management

The Queue Management application can be used to manage the waiting experience across a variety of use cases, including:

  • Waits for in-person services
  • Access to a venue or facility
  • In-store social distancing
  • Queues for information, returns, or check-out
  • Virtual services by phone or video
  • Restaurant waitlists
  • Contactless order pickup
  • And more
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