The Top Customer Insights to Help Unify Your Omnichannel Retail CX Strategy

Retail ThinkTank

Every good CX strategy starts with personalization—but it doesn’t stop there.

In this on-demand webinar with Retail TouchPoints, we discuss the top consumer challenges and how modern customers want to engage with retailers in-store and online.

We also introduce Verint’s new Retail Choreography solutions and share how other leading retailers (including Samsung, Virgin Media O2, and Specsavers) are providing:

  • Superior customer experience – Acquire more customers, increase sales, and drive greater loyalty and advocacy
  • Seamless operations – Improve productivity, centralize use of tools, and optimize use of resources and space
  • Advanced data insights – Gain a 360° view of every customer, better allocate resources, and make smarter decisions
Watch this on-demand webinar now to learn more.



Imogen Wethered

Imogen Wethered
Senior Director, Retail Choreography Solutions, Qudini by Verint

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