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Leverage an open platform with data and AI at the core to increase CX automation and deliver AI Business Outcomes. Now.

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Verint Open Platform increases CX automation

CX automation is the ability to elevate the customer experience while simultaneously lowering costs. Contact centers realize that hiring more workers and increasing labor expenses is no longer a sustainable solution.  To achieve their strategic goals, they need a new approach to increase CX automation in their contact center.

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The critical need for an Open Platform

Because the platform is open in every dimension, Verint provides capabilities no other vendor can offer:

  • Flexible: Keep the existing solutions that work for you, in the cloud or on-premises. Don’t have to throw away your ACD or CRM just because you are switching platforms.
  • Modular: Pick and choose what parts of the platform you want to deploy first and see AI Business Outcomes Now. Don’t wait through a risky and disruptive rip and replace project.
  • Future Proof: AI is evolving at a rapid pace. Continue to use new AI models from any source so your platform will not become outdated.
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Turn your contact center into a data-driven operation

Every time a customer interacts with your brand, new behavioral data is created. This data is typically stuck in silos and inaccessible to your contact center. But interaction, workforce, and experience data is tremendously valuable to drive outcomes for your business. With Verint, you can:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the behaviors of your customers, employees, and bots.
  • Continuously train Verint bots for the highest accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Freely access and export behavioral data for use in your broader enterprise data strategy.

Verint delivers AI business outcomes. Now.

Verint isn’t just an AI company, we’re an AI outcomes company. Our team of AI-powered bots were designed specifically to increase CX automation for your contact center, driving significant ROI.

Verint Da Vinci AI is the “bot factory,” where we combine the best generative AI, commercial, customer-provided, and proprietary AI models to create our bots. Bots continually train in the data hub to become more effective, and are embedded directly into business workflows, putting AI at the fingertips of agents.

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Innovation at your pace

Whether you’re looking to do a full-scale cloud migration or want a quick win for a pressing business issue, we have you covered. Verint Open Platform lets you add innovation to your existing ecosystem at your own pace. You can keep the investments that are working for you and gradually add Verint capabilities at your own pace. In fact, most Verint Bots can be deployed in just 30 days!

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CX beyond the contact center

Modern customer engagement extends beyond the contact center to the back office, the branch or store, and the self-service experience. With Verint, the customer journey is connected across these touchpoints, so you can:

  • More accurately forecast incoming work
  • Continue the customer journey from wherever it started
  • Connect workflows with the rest of the enterprise

Verint Open Platform provides a connected experience across all customer engagement use cases across the enterprise.

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Frequently asked questions about Verint Open Platform

Verint Da Vinci AI is core to Verint Platform and powers the applications you use every day. Verint future-proofs your AI investment with an open approach spanning both proprietary and industry models that keeps pace with the rapid innovation in the industry.