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An Open Approach to Customer Engagement

At Verint, openness is not a feature, it’s a strategy. This gives you the freedom to choose the right path for your contact center now and in the future so you can elevate customer experience and evolve into best-in-class operations. Verint Open CCaaS Platform is open is every dimension:

  • Open Engagement Data Hub
  • Open Verint Da Vinci AI
  • Open Best-of-Breed Applications
  • Open Ecosystem
  • Open Enterprise

This level of openness delivers flexibility and future proofs your contact center so that you can maximize CX automation and ROI.

CCaaS Buyer's Guide: Achieving CX Automation
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Open Engagement Data Hub – Your Data Working for You 24/7

Everything starts with having the right data. Verint helps you to harness your data and turn it into insights faster and better than any other provider. In many organizations, engagement data is siloed, limiting your ability to gain insights about your customers, employees, and bots.

Verint unifies your engagement data across applications so you can:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the behaviors of your customers, employees, and bots.
  • Continuously train Verint Da Vinci AI models for highest accuracy and automation effectiveness
  • Freely access, export, and import engagement data at any time.
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Open Da Vinci AI – Take Advantage of Rapid Innovation

Verint helps you achieve CX automation with a team of intelligent bots powered by Verint Da Vinci AI. We use our 20+ years of experience and billions of interactions to continually train our AI models to be faster and more accurate. What’s more, since our approach to AI is open, you can take advantage of the rapid advancements in both Verint models as well as commercial AI models.

Verint Da Vinci AI is at the core of Verint Platform.

By injecting AI into business workflows, we put AI at the fingertips of your agents and supervisors through specialized bots. Each bot specializes in one specific task, like summarizing an interaction or auto-scoring a quality form. When these bots augmenting your teams, organizations can save millions through CX automation.

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Open Best of Breed Applications – Don’t Settle for ‘Almost Good Enough’

Contact centers are evolving and need best-of-breed applications to optimize processes. It’s not enough to just tick a box in your feature list. Organizations need breadth and depth of capabilities to provide efficient, accurate, and compliant customer engagement, including:

  • Workforce Management
  • Quality
  • Knowledge
  • Interaction Analytics
  • Channel Automation

Open Best of Breed Applications means you can choose the solutions you need to solve business problems. We are confident Verint’s applications are best of breed and believe in freedom of choice, so you aren’t locked in.

Video: Freedom with Open CCaaS (Verint CEO)

Open Ecosystem – Leverage Your Existing Investments

No contact center exists in a vacuum. At every organization, there are a variety of other solutions and applications in place. Various regions, departments, and acquisitions may have their own set of software solutions in place. To future-proof your investment and accelerate your innovations, Verint Platform offers seamless integration to your enterprise ecosystem, including:

  • Telephony vendors (CCaaS, UCaaS)
  • CRM vendors
  • Enterprise software (ERP/HCM/etc)
  • Data lakes/warehouses

The Verint Platform is designed to integrate with your existing ecosystem. With hundreds of built-in adaptors, you can connect your own applications to the platform for a free flow of data.

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Open Enterprise – CX Beyond the Contact Center

Modern customer engagement extends beyond the contact center to the back office, the branch or store, and the self-service experience. With Verint, contact center agents and supervisors have visibility into these other activities to optimize the customer experience.

By creating these connected customer journeys, you can:

  • More accurately forecast incoming work
  • Continue the customer journey from wherever it started
  • Connect workflows with the rest of the enterprise

Verint Platform provides a connected experience across all customer engagement use cases.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pacesetter

  • 10b

    10 billion customer interactions per year managed by Verint customers

  • 90k

    90,000 natural language understanding intents for Verint AI solutions

  • 500+

    500+ patents and patent applications across the Verint portfolio