The CX Holiday Survival Guide 2023

Navigating the Retail Holiday Season: Elevating Customer Experience in a Cost-Conscious Era

As the holiday season approaches, consumers are feeling the effects of inflation and are more budget-conscious. This shift in consumer behavior is challenging retailers to exceed customer demands to secure their loyalty. But, with seasonal hiring proving to be a holiday headache for retailers, how can they ensure exceptional CX in this cost-conscious era?

To understand the dynamics of this evolving retail landscape, we conducted a survey of 400 customer service and customer experience professionals at medium and large companies. This report delves into the challenges retailers face and the strategies they must adopt to prepare for the holiday season and beyond. Download the full report now.

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The Top Challenges Facing Retailers in the 2023 Holiday Season

  • 53%

    Effectively staffing our stores

  • 45%

    Managing increased volume of customer interactions

  • 38%

    Delivering consistent CX across digital channels

How to Address the Top Retail Challenges

Verint solutions are designed to address the most important challenges facing retailers.

  • Discover how maximizing customer data can enhance personalized customer support.
  • Find out how to bridge the gap between digital and physical shopping experiences.
  • Understand the importance of implementing customer feedback quickly to improve CX.
  • Prepare your retail business for a successful holiday season-and beyond.
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