The 2023 State of Digital Customer Experience

Verint’s 2023 State of Digital Customer Experience report analyzes changing customer preferences and behaviors that impact digital customer engagement strategies for enterprise brands.

Discover more than 20 key insights from thousands of consumers and hundreds of brands to help your business create a new approach to match the complexity of modern customer journeys.

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Verint identified a number of insights on the strategic importance of improving digital CX in the face of emerging trends:

  • 38%

    Of businesses say the leading CX priority this year is making experiences more personalized for their customers.

  • 46%

    Of businesses cite legacy systems as a top obstacle to achieving great digital CX.

  • 77%

    Of business respondents believe customer demands for better experiences have increased year over year.

New Trends in AI for Digital CX

Verint found that consumers want to use chatbots for self-service, but many are still built badly.

Companies need to go beyond using simple word trees and introduce conversational AI that understands a wide range of customer intents and can deliver efficient and effective service.

Artificial intelligence has a wide range of applications for self-service, and customers recognize the benefits of automation, so it’s vital there’s investment in cutting-edge AI to realize the potential.

64% of customers have had a negative experience with chatbots, but despite this, 80% saw at least one benefit of using them.

Modern consumers are happy to use automation, companies just need to help them out by building better bots.

Customer CX Expectations Grow

Digital channel use is on the rise and more consumers want more from customer service interactions – more CX automation will be key to meeting those expectations.

  1. 69% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company due to a bad experience
  2. 65% of consumers believe speed of service to be the first or second most important part of great CX
  3. 80% are more likely to be repeat customers for companies that provide amazing CX on digital channels

2023 State of Digital CX Report

With analysis of both consumers and peer companies, the 2023 State of Digital CX report explores:

  • What consumers expect from your digital CX, AI chatbots, and more
  • How businesses measure up to customer expectations and each other
  • Key stats and trends in the digital CX space

Verint solutions are designed to be at the forefront of innovation in many fields, including full lifecycle CX, AI empowered self-service, and the omnichannel customer experience.


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