Leading Public Research University Increases Capacity to Serve Students at Its Student Hubs by 10.5%

Verint Appointment Booking and Verint Queue Management applications help the university reduce queues and improve efficiency in its student services hubs and enrollment services.



  • 10.5%

    Reduced wait times and improved efficiency enabled servicing of 10.5% more students in the same timeframe.

  • 94%

    Effectively serves 94% of students visiting student services hubs.

  • Minimized walkouts

    Reduced walkouts by providing greater transparency and communication of wait times.

About the University

To offer an exceptional student experience, a leading public research university with more than 40,000 students and 7,000 staff members created student services hubs. These hubs act as one-stop-shops for students with inquiries about their studies, welfare, or time at the university. They also provide a wealth of other services, including finance, support, and academic administration services.

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Constantly busy student hubs with long wait times

Offering such a range of services meant the university’s student hubs were constantly busy, especially during peak periods, such as at the beginning of each semester and during exams.

Students often had to wait in line with no idea whether they’d be seen before their next lecture, which created unnecessary stress and caused some students to walk out without their inquiry being addressed. The university needed a solution to reduce queues and minimize wait time to ensure it could serve as many students as possible.


Virtual waitlists and digital appointment booking

To improve the student experience, the university deployed best-of-breed Verint Appointment Booking and Verint Queue Management solutions to improve the efficiency of its student hubs and enrollment services.

Walk-in students seeking to enroll in classes or use one of the many other services offered by the student hubs start by joining a digital queue from a kiosk situated outside the hub. Once added to the queue, the kiosk confirms the student’s queue position and wait time. Students receive text messages confirming their queue positions and providing a link to a page where they can see their place in the queue.

As a result, students can use their wait time more productively. For example, they could visit the library or use the time to grab a coffee. When it is nearly their turn for service at the student hub, they receive another text message. At that time, students return to the student hub or enrollment services office and wait until a staff member calls their name.

In addition, with Verint Appointment Booking, students can visit the university’s website to book an appointment with one of the student services organizations at a day and time that works with their schedule. They can bypass the line in the student hub and go directly to the office of the individual with whom they booked time.


Improved hub efficiency and resource planning

Since the rollout of Verint Appointment Booking and Verint Queue Management, the proportion of students visiting the student hubs and following through to service has increased by 10.5 percent, with 94 percent of students visiting hubs now being served. As such, the student services hubs are supporting more students and driving a better student experience across the university.

In addition to speeding up student hub services, the Verint solutions also enabled the university to capture useful insights about why and when students are visiting the hubs and pre-scheduling services appointments. With this data, the university knows the visiting intentions for 80 percent of the students reaching out for service. These insights help to improve day-to-day operations, resource planning, and strategic planning across the university.

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