The Verint Experience Index: Retail

Reports of the death of in-store shopping have been greatly exaggerated. This year’s retail survey found that more than 60 percent of consumers start and end their journey by visiting a store.

But these purchase journeys aren’t linear. Customers are doing their homework and interacting with retailers across a number of channels, meaning that connected omnichannel journeys have never been more important.

This report details the growth in customer touchpoints across a purchase—and the steps needed to build a CX strategy to optimize every customer interaction.

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Amazon Tops the US Retail Rankings

After collecting more than 6,000 survey responses focusing on the top 25 US retailers, Amazon ranked top for both customer satisfaction (CSAT) and net promoter score (NPS).

There was a 10-point difference between the highest and lowest CSAT scores, with AT&T Wireless sitting at the bottom of the table.

Get your copy of the report to find out where the rest of the retailers rank.

Merchandise was the biggest driver of customers satisfaction across the top 25 US retailers.

…. But when broken down by retailer type, the results look a little different. Customers for grocery, home improvement, and technology retailers are happier after a positive digital experience.

Omnichannel Connected Journeys Are Vital

The store is still the most selected place to start and end a purchase, but digital channels play a huge role for consumers.

  1. 63% of customers visit a store at the start of a purchase journey.
  2. 37% use digital channels, such as websites and social media, to begin the buying process.
  3. 20% of the most recent retailer interactions were planning a store visit or researching products.

In-store Shopping Matters to Grocery Customers

Retail customers value price above everything, but the importance of other factors varies for different brands.

  • In-store shopping is valued highly by grocery and home improvement customers
  • Technology retail customers place less importance on in-store experiences – for them it only ranks sixth
  • Digital experiences matter more to tech shoppers – they value free and fast delivery
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Customer service issues are impacting CX—consumers are struggling with interactions on digital channels, especially after making a purchase:

  • 56%

    found it harder than expected to speak to customer service or return an item.

  • 40%

    had trouble when carrying out the task on a brand’s website.

  • 25%

    couldn’t speak to an agent or arrange a return the first time on a mobile phone.

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