Luxury Department Store Increases Footfall with Enhanced Appointment Booking

A group of luxury department stores is using Verint Appointment Booking application to provide an engaging retail experience for its customers online and in-store.

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The results

  • 13%

    increase in appointments

  • 78%

    of customers with appointments make a purchase 

  • 50%

    of appointments are booked online through organic traffic 


A group of luxury department stores that provides deluxe shopping experiences for millions of customers around the world and is home to several high-end brands, wanted to offer an improved appointment booking service to its customers.

The beauty counters within their brand locations offer a wide range of beauty services, such as makeup application and makeup lessons. These services invite customers to come dressed up, experience the beauty brands’ makeup and skincare products, and step out for a night of fun. Tying the store and beauty brands to these experiences help build enduring customer relationships.

Previously, the retailer’s beauty department had a basic appointment calendar where the store’s beauty advisors manually scheduled appointments for the customers they spoke to in the store. They had no way of allowing their online customers to pre-book appointments, no method to seamlessly communicate with customers about their booked appointment, and no integration with their CRM and loyalty program. This meant that providing services to customers was manual and time consuming, and the store teams were not serving customers as often as they could have been.

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Solution: Verint Appointment Booking

The luxury department store deployed the Verint Appointment Booking application to improve its appointment booking experience and drive footfall to their in-store beauty services from online. After analyzing the appointment scheduling software market, they chose to work with Verint due to the scalability of our out-of-box solution and the company’s flexibility and drive to collaborate with them on the ideal solution for their needs.

Verint Appointment Booking software, part of the Verint Retail Choreography solutions, enables the retailer and its beauty brands to not only increase footfall and improve productivity but also offer a more premium and tailored service that drives greater sales and customer loyalty.


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Customer Journey

Customers using the retailer’s websites can select their preferred brand and book a beauty appointment on a day and time that’s convenient for them. The customer then receives a confirmation SMS and reminder SMS and emails closer to the appointment.

When the customer arrives in-store, the store beauty advisors check them in, and they are seen right away. The solution is integrated with the retailer’s CRM software so the beauty consultant can see the customers’ profile and provide a more personalized service to the customer. The beauty concessions teams can also seamlessly add the customer to the brand’s loyalty scheme.

Customer Experience Benefits

Verint Appointment Booking application enables customers browsing the retailer’s websites to seamlessly book appointments in any of their stores. As a result, more customers are learning about the retailer’s beauty services and making appointments for in-store visits, increasing store footfall. Several of the store’s brands have seen up to 50 percent of their appointments being booked online; all driven by organic traffic.  

The increased footfall also means increased sales for the retailer as 78 percent of customers with appointments make a purchase. The Appointment booking software also enable staff to be more prepared for customer appointments by accessing customers’ loyalty profiles, all leading to greater sales and conversions for their business. The increased productivity allows the staff to focus on customers and upselling rather than taking calls to book or amend appointments. 

In addition, the automated reminders have resulted in a 13% increase in customers keeping their appointments vs. the old manual process. The improved customer experience coupled with the simplicity and ease of booking a service has led to more customers returning to the store for additional beauty services, increasing customer loyalty. 

Operational Benefits 

Previously, the beauty brand colleagues within the stores could only be reactive to the walk-ins coming into the store. Equipped with Verint Appointment Booking, more of their time is filled with scheduled appointments. The Verint solution also saves the beauty brand teams time by making it seamless to create and manage customer appointments and CRM loyalty profiles. This enables them to focus on the customer experience, ultimately improving productivity. 

Verint integrates with the retailer’s CRM software and automatically updates profiles and can add any customer without a profile. This enables them to develop a richer and more up-to-date CRM database and to sign more customers up to their loyalty program without taking any additional time to do so. 

Verint Appointment Booking enables the retailer to capture more footfall from online and turn it into in-store traffic as compared to their local competitors without an online appointment booking application. Up to 30 percent of appointments are now booked outside of store opening hours. 

Verint also captures a wealth of data that enables each beauty concession brand’s head office to better understand their customer needs and behaviors to improve their resource planning and marketing initiatives. The data analytics platform enables the retailer’s beauty brands to analyze their concession’s footfall trends to more effectively allocate resources.  

Last but not least, by offering this valuable service, the retailer has improved its relationships with their beauty concession brands. 

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