Retail Ecosystem Integrations

Take your omnichannel experience, operations, and data to the next level by connecting Qudini by Verint into your ecosystem of tools.

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Integrating with your third-party calendar tools can increase store productivity with features such as:

  • Enabling store associates to subscribe to see the general store’s calendar or their individual calendar within your third-party calendar tools
  • Sending a calendar invite via email to customers scheduling appointments and sending confirmation emails to store managers and associates
  • Pushing scheduled events to your third-party calendar tool and adding busy/free events block out availability
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

CRM system integration gives your store associates easy access to personalized information about every customer visiting your store. This can include profile information, preferences, and previous interaction history.

You can also easily add new customers with the preference data captured in the Qudini by Verint. Further, customer CRM profiles can be instantly located and updated within your CRM.

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Video Conferencing

Allow your customers to receive virtual service from the comfort of their own home. With video conferencing integration, you can seamlessly enable your customers to schedule appointments or join a queue for virtual service with key capabilities such as:

  • Generate a link for the video conference via email and SMS
  • Start a video or telephone call from within Qudini by Verint
  • Host interactions and record notes within Qudini by Verint
  • Save video call recordings with the customer’s profile

Workforce Management

Maximize the productivity of your store associates and better allocate your resources with integration capabilities such as:

  • Automatically pull staff shift availability every 15 minutes to guide appointment availability and calculate wait times
  • Push and pull staff profile details so you only have to create and delete user accounts in one system
  • Mark staff time and attendance and record absences
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SMS Aggregators and Messaging Apps

The platform offers a wide range of SMS capabilities that enable you to communicate with walk-in and appointment customers by text message before and after their service.

Our system also enables store associates to receive SMS messages to alert them of exceeded KPI thresholds. You can also send messages by platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Line app, Viber and Telegram.


Our extensive API portal enables you to access our external facing APIs to integrate Qudini by Verint into your ecosystem. We are continually adding to this portal as we extend our feature set.

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With Qudini by Verint, you can seamlessly integrate with SAML or other your corporate identity directory services. This capability allows your employees to log in to our applications with their corporate credentials.

Footfall Counters

Integration with footfall counters allow you to display how many customers are currently in the store. This can help drive customers to join a virtual queue or schedule an appointment for a later time if the store is currently at capacity.

This also allows you to obtain more granular foot traffic insights regarding how many customers coming into your stores actually required service (and what types of services), waiting times, speed of service, and more.

Other Retail Choreography Capabilities

  • Appointment Scheduling

    Increase conversion for your in-store services by making it easy for customers to book appointments from any channel.
  • Queue Management

    Create more informed waiting experiences to retain walk-ins, boost loyalty, and increase customer spend.
  • Retail Analytics

    Unlock game-changing analytics and AI-driven insights on your customer experience and store operations.
  • Retail Choreography Overview

    Manage and analyze the activities in your stores.