Luxury Fashion Retailer Increases Sales and Customer Retention with In-Store and Video Appointments

Appointments for online and in-store styling service and virtual queues drive sales and strengthen customer relationships for this luxury fashion brand.


The results

  • Higher customer retention

  • Increased sales

  • Strengthened customer relationships


A luxury fashion retailer with more than 450 stores in the UK, North America, and Korea wanted to provide its customers with an engaging customer experience. Central to this was encouraging customers to visit the retailer’s stores to book a personalized service, such as style advice with a consultant. It also wanted to enable virtual appointments so customers can receive the same high level of support online as they would in a store.

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The solution: Verint Appointment Booking

The retailer deployed Verint Appointment Booking to allow customers to book personal shopping appointments in-store. Customers can schedule specific time slots for personalized viewings of the brand’s latest collection, gift advice, or styling sessions. They can also book appointments for aftercare services, including clothing repairs and alterations, leather restoration, and more.

Further, customers can schedule virtual appointments to connect over video, as well as get general product information and personal shopping advice – all from the comfort of home.

The solution: Verint Queue Management

The retailer is also using Verint Queue Management to enable walk-in customers to join a virtual queue for service if they enter a store without an appointment. This solution is heavily used in the brand’s outlet stores, as these locations tend to get very busy with customers lining up outside before the store opens.

A host at the front of each store greets customers and adds them to the virtual queue. If preferred, walk-in customers can also scan a QR code with their mobile device outside the store to join the virtual queue. The solution offers customers a premium waiting experience by informing them of their position in line and estimated wait time, which affords them the freedom to browse the store or even leave and return without exiting the virtual queue. As customers progress in the queue, they receive SMS updates on their smartphones, ensuring they will be available at the time for their service.

The benefits

Verint Appointment Booking and Verint Queue Management software solutions helped the luxury retailer drive sales, improve customer loyalty, and increase foot traffic in its stores.

Verint Appointment Booking has enabled the retailer to better promote and drive customers to its personalized service offerings, while also expanding its digital service for its customers to connect with the brand. “Book an Appointment” now serves as a crucial call to action on the company’s website. Emphasizing this service and customer convenience have enabled the retailer to increase engagement with customers.

Verint Queue Management has helped the retailer effectively manage and capitalize on in-store foot traffic by offering a more personalized and engaging waiting experience. Subsequently, it has increased sales and customer spend, and strengthened its relationships with customers by providing an enhanced customer experience.

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