Channel Automation from Verint

Enable conversational automation over digital channels to help your business scale customer engagement, reduce cost-per-contact, and power seamless self-service.

Customers Expect Great Experiences In The Channel Of Their Choice

In fact, Verint’s recently published State of Digital Customer Experiencereport found: 

  • 56%of customers under the age of 45 prefer to ask questions through digital engagement vs traditional channels. 
  • 64%of the consumers polled have stopped doing business with a company due to a poor customer experience.  
  • 78%of consumers polled give an above-average rating for being repeat customers if they had an amazing digital customer experience.

Verint’s Channel Automation offering enablesorganizations to scale their customer engagement strategythrough a combination of channels, workforce orchestration,and bots. Channel Automation allows a brand to deploy staff flexibly across channelswith fewer resourcesand less effort 

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Adapt A Customer Centric Channel Strategy

Verint’s Channel Automation offering connects your channels, your people, and your automation from a single user interface so that you can become a truly customer-centric organization.  

The offering allows you to: 

  • Provide the conversational engagements customers want 
  • Automate interactions for all channels, reducing operational costs 
  • Orchestrate the workforce for seamless, omnichannel service from humans and bots 
  • Breakdown channel and organizational silos for increased capacity, flexibility,and agility
  • Enable the entire workforce to engage with customers in the right way, at the right time 

Engage your customers on email, live chat, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp all accessible via a unified workspace to power omnichannel engagement at scale.

Orchestrate the Entire Workforce Seamlessly Across Channels

Adding more channels can create workforce silos and a disjointed support experience.  

Channel Automation from Verint orchestrates the workforce allowing staff to work across multiple channels, elevating individual customer interactions into connected engagements – even if the customer journey spans multiple channels. Engagement Orchestration provides a single pane, omnichannel experience that shows full interaction history, across channels making any agent the right agent, while increasing contact center flexibility and capacity.  

Scale Customer Interactions With Bots

To scale customer interactions, bots need to be part of the workforce. Verint’s Channel Automation offering includes scalable conversational AI that can handle common customer inquiries across all channels, with agent handover only a step away. 

  • Lower cost-per-contact: Bot-ready platforms that combine both adaptive automation and agent-assisted service result in fewer inquiries needing a human response and leave highly skilled agents free to handle more complex customer service needs. 
  • Deliver better customer service experiences: Automation of customer service inquiries results in quicker response and resolution times for customers, decreasing service effort and increasing customer loyalty. 
  • Meet capacity through conversation containment: Service bots and virtual assistants help brands manage high-volume, low-effort queries. Used as a frontline triage, bots should resolve repetitive, simple issues while highly skilled agents are dedicated to high-value interactions—creating big savings in customer service costs.  

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