Telephony & Digital Channels

Seamlessly provide your customers with the right experience, at the right moment, via telephony and digital channels.



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Omnichannel Customer Engagement

  • Support seamless customer experiences across voice and digital channels, with AI-powered routing ensuring each interaction goes to the right resource, at the right time, for the best possible experience.

    • Integrate your existing telephony system with a platform fit for the digital customer.
    • Deliver customer experiences across digital channels including private messaging, live chat, email and more.
    • Leverage the power of AI to automate customer experience across voice and digital channels.


Giving customers the confidence to drive digital innovation

Hear how Alight Solutions leverages Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant to accelerate its digital, self-service strategy and better serve over 20 million people worldwide.

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Alight Solutions has received the Opus Research Conversational Commerce Award by leveraging Verint’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant™ (IVA) to transform its web self-service experience with automation.

Enable Self-Service at Scale with Specialized Bots

  • Reduce Inbound Volume and Improve CSAT with Verint Containment Bots

    The Verint Voice and Digital Containment Bot uses NLU-based AI to efficiently automate conversations with customers across digital and voice channels. With this bot, brands can provide personalized self-service experiences so they can resolve customer queries, and identify which interactions should be escalated to assisted service. 

Delivering a 271% ROI within three years

Based on customer interviews and proprietary financial analysis, Forrester found that a composite Verint customer received a 271% ROI within three years of incorporating Verint DFE solutions into their operations. Customers improved contact center efficiencies by deflecting 20% of inbound customer calls, leading to $15.4 million in savings. Download the full study to uncover the Total Economic Impact Verint DFE solutions could have on your organization.

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Powered by Verint Da Vinci AI

Infused with advanced machine learning models, natural language processing, intent recognition models, and predictive modeling, embedded in the Verint Open Platform, Verint Da Vinci AI activates insights and automates experiences across your business.

Verint Da Vinci AI maximizes impact by injecting AI directly into business workflows, putting AI at agents’ fingertips. Our open approach to AI future proofs your investment.

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Product Line-up

  • Conversational AI

    Elevate customer experience and improve operational efficiency with the leader in enterprise self-service solutions for your customers and employees.
  • Engagement Channels

    Customer and employee preferences are shifting. Through private or social messaging, brand communities, or other channels, Verint helps you keep the conversations going.
  • Channel Automation

    Scale customer engagement through a combination of channels, workforce orchestration, and bots.
  • Knowledge Management

    Consumer patience for the wrong answer is non-existent. Deliver accurate information in an instant.

Industry Recognition

  • “Potential buyers should consider Verint’s platform for their contact center and customer-engagement needs. It is a dynamic company of long standing with a great deal of nuanced expertise and a record of continuous innovation.” (2021)

  • “Verint is the leader for trusted, automated, conversational AI for supporting large enterprises and delivering meaningful ROI.” (2021)

  • “Verint is a market leader with a unified platform on a common codebase, enabling new digital channels to be added swiftly. Extensive use of AI and the ability to analyze sentiment will appeal to large customer care centers.” (2020)

Part of Verint Open Platform

Verint elevates every experience with an open approach to customer engagement. Powered by Verint Da Vinci AI, the Open Platform works with your existing ecosystem to drive CX automation while seamlessly delivering experiences across channels and uniquely supporting your workforce of humans and bots at scale.

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Digital Customer Engagement Insights

FAQs on Digital Engagement

Digital engagement is the method of interacting with customers over digital channels, such as email, private messaging, and live chat to build relationships, power digital customer service, and drive customer loyalty.