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Customer preferences are shifting. They still want to talk with you. Just in a different way. Through private messaging, live chat, brand communities, or other channels, Verint ensures great experiences across all your customer conversations.

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  • Digital Channels

    Provide seamless customer experiences across private messaging apps, live chat, email, SMS and more.

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  • Channel Automation

    Bring together email, live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and X DM in a single-pane agent experience.

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  • Community

    Empower customers, partners, and employees with a flexible community and self-service tools that drive business value.

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Verint Messaging

Verint Messaging enables organizations to power great customer experiences on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM and other digital channels through personalized conversations, smart automation, and actionable insights.

With Verint Messaging you can: 

  • Power consistent experiences across different messaging channels, in multiple languages, with full conversational context to help you prioritize, engage and resolve customer service queries. 
  • Scale your customer conversations over private messaging channels with chatbots that are built to make the phrase “Sorry, I don’t understand” a thing of the past.
  • Keep your business aligned with your customer conversations through a customizable, open, and flexible analytics platform to measure your success. 
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Verint Community

Verint Community empowers customers, partners, and employees with a flexible, customizable community and self-service tools that can drive real business value – better engagement, lower support costs, and increased revenue.  

Let us help your organization to: 

  • Decrease support call volume by providing users the opportunity to self-serve, support one another, and share useful information. 
  • Generate new ideas by engaging with a community of your most passionate customers. 
  • Build a community that delivers the best value to your customers by using a range of intuitive APIs, widgets, and developer tools. 
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Download The Digital Engagement Channel Playbook

Read the Digital Engagement Channel Playbook for a detailed overview of the most popular digital channels, real-world case studies, and advice on how to power seamless customer experiences. 

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Verint Chat

Verint Chat empowers you to connect directly with customers and provide fast, scalable, and personalized experiences. With intelligent routing and vast integration capabilities, you can capitalize on every customer conversation.

Verint Chat allows you to: 

  • Deliver customer service ROI with better agent efficiency by enabling agents to handle multiple sessions simultaneously. 
  • Verint Chat works seamlessly with Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant to enable self-service and route customer inquiries to the right support agents. 
  • Live chat allows you to engage customers that show high intent. Proactively engage customers based on their activity, such as scroll depth or time on page. 


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Verint Email

Customers expect to contact your organization via email and receive answers to their questions quickly, reliably, and consistently.

Verint Email helps organizations to:  

  • Meet the demand for smart, efficient email management.
  • Automating the process of capturing, documenting, interpreting, routing, and prescribing answers to customer emails.
  • Enable agents to respond faster and more consistently, with less training. 
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Power Seamless CX at Scale with Verint Channel Automation

Verint Channel Automation brings together WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Email, and Live Chat in a single-pane agent experience to help deliver seamless customer experiences. Leverage the power of intelligent automation across every channel to handle common customer inquiries at scale and reduce your support costs.

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FAQs on Customer Engagement Channels

Omnichannel customer engagement is the practice of using multiple channels to reach and engage customers. This might include channels like email, social media, phone, or web. The goal is to provide a seamless experience for customers no matter how they choose to engage with you.