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Verint Messaging enables brands to deliver digital customer engagement – through personalized conversations, smart automation, and actionable insights – across private messaging channels.

Verint Messaging is a leader in Enterprise Messaging on G2Verint Messaging has the highest user adoption in Enterprise Messaging on G2

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Our Digital-First Engagement Customers

Unlock the full potential of private messaging channels

Power customer conversations across all major private messaging channels to deliver customer experiences that are timely, unique, and cost-effective. Our instant messaging solutions and business text messaging give you the opportunity to interact with audiences on an interpersonal level.

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Powering impactful conversations on your customers’ preferred channels

Customer conversations are now happening on digital channels, powered by the platforms that enable them and more digital-savvy customers. Brands have an opportunity to meet customers where they need them most, and in the moments that matter.

Verint Messaging means you can engage your customers on the world’s most popular private messaging apps:

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Build and maintain customer relationships with Verint Messaging

When it comes to engaging with brands, customer expectations have never been higher. Verint Messaging is:


Power experiences with automation over private messaging channels, delivering unique and memorable customer experiences across the life cycle.


Through rich customer data and back-end integrations, you can engage customers in real-time, either solving a problem or engaging proactively.


Business messaging channels enable brands to have actual conversations, moving away from a one-way megaphone to two-way interactions.

Blend bots and agents to close the Engagement Capacity Gap

As consumers shift to digital channels, brands are facing an increasing number of interactions and skyrocketing expectations. Most businesses have a limited set of resources to engage with customers. This widening gap between expectations and results is the Engagement Capacity Gap.

Verint Messaging powers seamless experiences between bots and contact center agents, allowing bots to efficiently handle customer queries, handoff to a human agent when needed, and have conversations flow back to the bot for specific tasks. A true two-way handover solution.

How to close the Engagement Capacity Gap

Verint Messaging is part of Verint Digital-First Engagement

Verint Cloud Platform elevates every experience with an open approach to customer engagement with secure instant messaging apps for business. Powered by Verint Da Vinci AI, Verint Digital-First Engagement works with your existing ecosystem to close the Engagement Capacity Gap™ while seamlessly delivering experiences across channels and uniquely supporting the modern, distributed workforce of humans and bots at scale.

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The Verint Messaging features that power conversational customer experiences:

  • Agent Workspace

    Enable conversations to flow seamlessly across social media and private messaging channels to help agents prioritize, engage and resolve customer service queries at scale.

    Our intelligent, rules-based routing system and prioritization engine ensure that relevant conversations – based on identity and full conversational context – are distributed to the best individual, team, or bot based on a fully customized workflow so you can work smarter not harder.

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Power customer conversations across the world's most popular messaging channels

  • Facebook Messenger

    Engage quickly and easily with your customers via Messenger and the Messenger Chat Plugin.
  • WhatsApp Business

    Unlock the full potential of WhatsApp Business to exceed customer expectations.
  • Google's Business Messaging

    Turn Google searches into lasting customer relationships with Business Messages.
  • Apple Messages for Business

    Power seamless two-way customer conversations on Apple's native Messages app.
  • Instagram Messages

    Engage current customers – and acquire new ones – by delivering instant two-way conversational customer experiences on Instagram.
  • SMS Text Messaging

    Connect with billions of customers with two-way conversational messaging to build lasting customer relationships via native messaging.

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FAQs on Verint Messaging

Yes, Conversocial was acquired by Verint in 2021. It is now known as Verint Messaging and Verint Social.