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WhatsApp Business Offers Unique Opportunites for Digital-First Engagement

WhatsApp has 2bn users worldwide and is the native messaging market leader in all but twenty-five countries, with 100bn messages exchanged every day. Join the 5m businesses already engaging the world’s largest – and chattiest – customer base.

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Power Real-Time and Asynchronous Conversations

WhatsApp Business gives consumers help on their terms, switching between real-time and non-real-time dialog depending on the situation with a persistent end-to-end experience.

Give Your Customers Messaging Confidence

Verified business accounts help to reduce piracy or fraud, whilst increasing consumer confidence in private messaging channels. This enables brands to reach more customers, who are averse to public channels, but happy to communicate via private messaging.

The CX Playbook for Private Messaging Channels

Did you know that 69% of customers used a private messaging channel, like WhatsApp Business, to engage with a brand in 2020?

Read our white paper to see step-by-step visualizations of how Verint Messaging can help your brand to acquire, engage and care for your customers.

Download the CX Playbook for Private Messaging Channels

Engage Proactively Trough Push Notifications

Push proactive notifications for time-sensitive updates based on personalized criteria. Send customers automated account updates, payment requests, appointment reminders, and much more.

Talk Securely With Private Messaging Encryption

With end-to-end SSL encryption between your brand and the end customer, WhatsApp finally opens up possibilities for more secure, personalized, and transactional use cases via private messaging.

Your customers want to reach out on messaging channels, WhatsApp Business enables digital-first engagement:

  • Secure & Trustworthy

    Companies need to pass a rigorous vetting process before being able to create their own branded profile, so customers can be sure that business accounts are verified when starting a conversation.

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Verint Messaging for Digital-First Engagement

  • Notify Proactively engage your customers with personalized conversations throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Bots Create modern engagement experiences that drive acquisition, high engagement, and improved efficiency.
  • Facebook Messenger Engage quickly and easily with your customers via Messenger and the Messenger Chat Plugin.
  • Google's Business Messaging Turn Google searches into lasting customer relationships with Business Messages.
  • SMS Text Messaging Connect with billions of customers with two-way conversational messaging to build lasting customer relationships via native messaging.
  • Instagram Messages Engage current customers – and acquire new ones – by delivering instant two-way conversational customer experiences on Instagram.