Power Two-Way Customer Conversations

Send the right marketing message at the right time, to the right person, with the right experience. Improve your CX with two-way brand-to-consumer communication that is effortless and unique throughout the customer lifecycle for sales, marketing, and customer service alike.

Deliver Meaningful Customer Interactions

Stop push marketing and start having meaningful conversations, interactions, and engagement. Turn messaging apps into revenue channels with intelligent messaging functionality to address website abandonment, send notifications and engage proactively –all while decreasing customer acquisition costs.

The CX Playbook for Private Messaging Channels

Did you know that 69% of customers used a private messaging channel to engage with a brand in 2020?

Read our white paper to see step-by-step visualizations of how Verint Messaging can help your brand to acquire, engage and care for your customers.

Download the CX Playbook for Private Messaging Channels

Personalize Re-Engagement

Deliver personalized re-engagement based on previous customer conversations to unlock new revenue with behavior-based conversational marketing over private messaging apps. Break through the marketing noise and reach your customers on their mobile devices –where they actually are –through unique and impactful conversations.

Preemptively and Proactively Engage Customers

Use integration triggers to create dynamic customer segments based on intent and previous purchases. With real-time customer data, third-party integrations, and centralized knowledge centers, Verint Messaging helps your brand amplify your marketing messaging by being proactive (not reactive) to your customers’ needs.

With Notify, you can:

  • Convert Customers Into Sales

    You can segment your customers easily and customize customer conversations with timely content based on their unique needs and interests. The result? Increased customer engagement and conversion rates.

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Verint Messaging for Digital-First Engagement

  • Bots Create modern engagement experiences that drive acquisition, high engagement, and improved efficiency.
  • Facebook Messenger Engage quickly and easily with your customers via Messenger and the Messenger Chat Plugin.
  • WhatsApp Business Unlock the full potential of WhatsApp Business to exceed customer expectations.
  • Google's Business Messaging Turn Google searches into lasting customer relationships with Business Messages.
  • SMS Text Messaging Connect with billions of customers with two-way conversational messaging to build lasting customer relationships via native messaging.
  • Instagram Messages Engage current customers – and acquire new ones – by delivering in-the-moment two-way customer conversations on Instagram.