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The CX Playbook for Private Messaging Channels

The CX Playbook for Private Messaging Channels

Did you know that 69% of customers used a private messaging channel to engage with a brand in 2020?

Customer conversations are important at every stage of the buyer journey. Verint Messaging enables specific features for each messaging channel. Read our CX Playbook Whitepaper for an explanation of these features, to learn how to support the buyer at every stage, as well as stats on why each works.

In this whitepaper, see step-by-step visualization of how Verint Messaging can help your brand:

  • Acquire: Use messaging channels for commerce. “7 out of 10 (consumers) would recommend a brand to their friend after a positive customer experience.”
  • Engage: Create exceptional conversational customer experiences. “Messaging channel engagement gives an 89% retention rate.”
  • Care: Build better customer relationships. “Existing customers are 70% more likely to make repeated purchases.”

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