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Empower customers, partners and employees with a flexible, customizable community and self-service tools that can drive real business value: better engagement, lower support costs and higher sales.

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Create incredible social communities with Verint Community

Verint Community is an online social collaboration platform that makes online communities a critical forum for:

  • Delivering social customer service
  • Driving social commerce
  • Deepening customer relationships


Explore the Verint Community Platform

Use Verint Community to

  • Reduce demand for support

    Deliver more efficient self-service and collaborative support.

    Improve customer satisfaction scores

    Increase your customer retention by improving the satisfaction of your customers by providing fast and easy to use support while building trust.

    Deliver better products

    Source new ideas from customers, partners, and potential buyers.

Make better decisions with social communities

Verint Community features a complete set of social applications and social services APIs, connects to popular consumer social networks, and integrates with mission-critical enterprise software. It can help your organization make better business decisions based on social interactions between customers and employees.

Verint Community provides an enterprise social platform giving you what you need to create an engaging online community and self-service experiences.

  • Deflect Support Calls: Help customers find solutions with online resources such as discussion forums, knowledge articles, product documentation and how-to videos
  • Save Time and Money: Save customers and employees time with social self-service through peer-to-peer support forums and online
  • Gain Valuable Insights: Achieve business objectives for social customer service, digital marketing, and employee engagement
  • Deliver Better Products: Source new ideas from customers, employees, partners, and potential buyers
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