Verint Community Use Case: Private Social Network

Using the Verint Community private social network, you can run a secure, private “members-only” community where you can have safe and secure conversations with customers, partners, boards or members.

Grow socially and securely with a private social network

Lockdown employee conversations and secure internal communications with Verint Community, the private social network platform you can trust.

Give your employees a safe, social and trusted private forum where they can share ideas, collaborate with different teams and provide knowledge to other staff.

All of this can take place within multiple streams of conversations in the Verint Community private social network, direct messaging being a key example.

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Private forums for collaborative working that enhance productivity

Working together collaboratively in teams, groups or departments is easy in Verint Community, with features such as private direct messaging, blogging and shared media libraries readily available for all users.

Collaborative methods of working enhance productivity and efficiency by allowing employees to connect with the right person internally.

With customizable profiles for each user, employees can easily search for other users, as well as quickly find relevant and useful information on each other. In this respect, using a private social network for business can cut out wasted time attempting to track down information.

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A private social network completely customizable and controlled by you

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The Value in Private Social Networks

A perfect fit: Communities are ideal for private invite-only areas where members can share ideas, feedback or ask questions in a safe and secure way. Membership can be controlled through invitation or based on existing member lists.

The value of privacy in private social networks: From banks to technology companies and non-profits the value of creating private social networks where conversations can take place is an invaluable resource providing a safe place for conversations to take place outside of Facebook or other social networks.