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Answer customer questions and facilitate self-service

Using its built-in question and answer forum capability, Verint Community allows customers, contributors and prospects to ask a question in the community.

Much like a discussion forum, the interactive nature of a question-and-answer forum lends itself to digital growth through user-generated content, whilst simultaneously giving your customers a place to see you deliver official, authorized, problem-solving solutions in the form of verified answers. These questions and verified answers generate highly contextual and reusable content in the form of Wikis or Articles when captured and categorized in just a few clicks.

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Provide an open forum for customer discussions

A discussion forum enables you to create an engaging dialogue with, and between, customers. From self-resolving customer issues to building trusted dialogue between your brand and consumers, discussion forums can become the cornerstone of a strong, interactive digital community. Watch your community members interact dynamically and your organization build brand trust and authority.

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Generate content quickly and curate it for self-service and knowledge expansion

Verint Community Wikis and Articles are used to create and publish content like documentation, how-to instructions, FAQs, Alerts and more. Community questions with verified answers can be captured to Wikis or Articles for self-service resources.

Wikis include a rich text editor along with support for common wiki markup tools to enable non-technical users to contribute to wiki content. Articles is a flexible application and content type for authoring a wide range of content.

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Create useful and engaging community blog content

Combine your content ideas with Verint Community’s multimedia-rich blogging features to quickly and easily create unique and newsworthy posts.

Verint Community’s blog application includes drafts, review and approval workflows, videos and attachments, RSS, commenting, ratings, multi-author blogging, ghost blogging, SEO controls and many more common blogging capabilities. Blog posts can be configured with comments turn on or off, liked and rated to track community response.

Build a community that drives customer retention

See how Olympus leverages Verint Community to cement its position as a market leader and inspire new customers.

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Updated design, functionality, and streamlined processes make a big difference to user experience and member retention.” - Ana Maria Albert, Olympus Community Manager

Gain invaluable customer insights and ideas

Verint Community’s ideation application enables you to easily solicit feedback from customers and allow for ideas and recommendations to be voted up or down. Ideas become more powerful when they are shared and the ideation application provides the ideal way to enable your customers to provide direction on your products, goods or services.

Verint Community’s ideation platform includes point-based voting, moderation of ideas, idea workflow, comments and many more common ideation capabilities. Customers can seamlessly integrate the ideation application with their product management systems like Atlassian Jira, Apptio Targetprocess and others

Connect customers with private messaging

Verint Community’s private messaging application includes single or multi-user messaging and user presence information. When members of the community are online they can start private message sessions with one another.

People who are not online, as well as those who are online and included in the message, receive a transcript of the session as a series of private messages enabling both online and offline conversations.

Utilize gamification to drive community engagement

A best practice in communities is to reward members with “pixels before pennies.” The Verint Community platform has gamification functionality built-in and applies game theory to incentivize and reward the behavior of people within your community.

Points can be used to build leaderboards or made to be redeemable currency within the community and are earned for community activities such as creating or sharing content, asking or answering

Get insights about user engagement, content performance and more

Verint Community gives you access to insights about all activity within your Community and Self-Service Experience. Engagement metrics regarding user interactions, content, application and overall community health is presented in dashboard format with granular level drilldowns. Export data for offline viewing or importing into other reporting tools like Tableau, Power BI and others.

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