Bridging the Engagement Capacity Gap with Online Communities

Available On Demand | 1 hour

Our research into the Engagement Capacity Gap in 2021 highlighted how brands were being challenged by new workforce dynamics, ever-expanding engagement channels and consumer interactions which were having an impact on budgets and resources.

Technology such as Online Communities can help bridge that capacity gap. In this webinar, find out how companies like Sage, Olympus and Titleist, use Communities to:

  • Improve CX and customer service
  • Manage growing customer demand
  • Deepen engagement for insights
  • Influence buying decisions to grow revenue.

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Jon Allen
Vice President, GTM Strategy – Verint Community

Jon has over 25 years of international experience working with technologies that bring people and companies together to collaborate, solve problems and improve business results.  He helps customers and partners leverage online communities and web self-service to enhance customer service, build brand loyalty through deeper engagement, drive innovation, boost employee productivity and increase profitability.

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