A Mutual Life Insurer's Turnaround Times Exceed Industry Standards Using Verint Workforce Engagement


  • Decreased service delivery time by 60%, from eight days to less than five days.

  • Reduced repeat calls by 30,000 annually.

  • Attained a 100% return on investment in less than one year through the identification and reduction of non-production activities.


This leading mutual life insurer operates for the benefit of its members and policyholders. The company provides a range of quality products—from life, disability income, and long-term care insurance to annuities and retirement planning—that help protect its clients’ interests and shape their future.

The insurer had already experienced great success with Verint Workforce Management1 in its life services contact centers to automate and improve scheduling efficiency and align agent phone activities to schedules. The insurer next set its sights on its back-office operations, starting with the service and operations division of its U.S. life insurance group. With a staff of nearly 200, the division, which provides account maintenance services, was experiencing significant delays in service. Service delivery was running an average of eight days versus a target of two days, despite the division incurring excessive overtime.

An inability to match employee schedules to volumes and to track inventory of work items was perceived as a key driver of the inefficiency. In addition, the company acknowledged that staff was spending an undue amount of time on non-production-related activities, such as special projects, meetings, and administrative tasks. However, it lacked a means to track and report on actual time and/or effectiveness of resources against individual goals and customer service delivery targets.

1Formerly Verint Enterprise Workforce Management


Given its prior success with Verint Workforce Management in its life services contact centers, the mutual life insurer worked closely with Verint to deploy Verint Workforce Management, Verint Performance Management, and Verint Desktop and Process Analytics in the service and operations division of its U.S. life insurance group. These solutions have purpose-built functionality specifically designed for the unique challenges and requirements of the back office, such as backlogs, extended service goals, and complex multi-touch, multi-system processes.

With Verint Workforce Management’s forecasting and scheduling functionality, the mutual life insurer was able to reduce turnaround times and manage workloads more effectively by identifying and more aggressively managing time spent on non-production activities, and prioritizing these activities against inventory to help ensure processing deadlines were met. Verint Performance Management enabled the company to monitor and improve individual and team performance by reporting on productivity holistically, helping to reduce rework and repeat calls into the contact center, since work was processed in a timelier manner.

With Verint Desktop and Process Analytics, the mutual life insurer was able to set baseline handle time goals by capturing actual throughput and time spent on activities. Capturing data directly from the employees’ desktops creates more accurate objective data for productivity metric scores, thus giving back-office staff greater confidence that they were being measured and evaluated fairly.


Together, the mutual life insurer and Verint successfully trans­formed the company’s back-office management methodology and gained widespread acceptance of Verint Workforce Management. Testament to this are the results the company achieved.

In particular, the company made significant strides in its response time service levels, an area where it historically had struggled. With the robust workforce management capabilities provided by Verint, staffing is forecasted and scheduled dy­namically against activities based upon deadlines, resulting in an average service time improvement of more than 60 percent—from eight days to less than five.

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