Desktop and Process Analytics

Help managers improve employee productivity and capacity and help ensure compliance

Gain visibility into employee desktop activity

You can now capture employee activity directly from the desktop to understand how employees are spending their time, even if they work from home.

Analyze employee desktop activity

Gain operational intelligence. A wealth of insights resides on the employee desktop. Verint desktop analytics capture real-time, objective data to help you address these common contact center challenges:

  • Gaining visibility into employee desktop activity
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Tagging interactions for advanced analytics
  • Improving employee productivity
  • Optimizing processes

Provide real-time process guidance

In addition to government and industry regulations and compliance, you have your own internal processes and protocols you want your agents to follow. With Verint Application Triggers, events on the desktop can trigger an alert or reminder to the agent that a specific action is needed.

Learn how Application Triggers helps power Verint Real-Time Agent Assist, a solution that provides in-the-moment, contextual guidance to help novice agents learn on the job and give veteran agents confidence in their job skills and knowledge.

Learn More About Verint Application Triggers

Tag interactions for advanced insights

Verint Application Triggers can tag interactions and processing points with descriptive data, such as work type, customer ID, work item identifier and more.  This data can be used to:

  • Enhance your quality management program by enabling both random quality sampling as well as targeted reviews and audits
  • Conduct customer queries and analyses for better decision making
  • Enable smart searches for compliance audits

Interactions can also be tagged for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to help ensure PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).

Don’t Risk a PCI Compliance Breach in Your Contact Center: Automate and (Almost) Forget It!
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Improve agent focus and employee productivity

How do you keep your agents focused and performing at maximum productivity in today’s contact center?

Verint Application Visualizer leverages desktop application usage to help contact center managers:

  • Understand how agents are spending their time
  • Identify if an agent needs coaching
  • Share best practices of their top performers
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Streamline and optimize processes

Optimizing processes to remove bottlenecks, unnecessary steps, or automate steps can help contact centers increase employee productivity and speed processing times.

Verint Desktop and Process Analytics (DPA) can capture desktop events that signify key execution points on processes to help you:

  • Visualize process workflows and volumes
  • Analyze handle times for processes and process steps
  • Review work items with multi-step, multi-touch processes for quality and compliance

Determine actual handle/resolution times

To effectively balance efficiency and customer service, organizations need to understand how long the work actually takes to execute.

Verint Desktop and Process Analytics automates the collection of process step handle times for more accurate capacity planning.  The solution reduces or eliminates the need for costly manual observations, compilation, and analysis to determine process handle times.

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Map process steps and workflows

Using real-time desktop activity, Verint Desktop and Process Analytics can create visual maps of the actual paths employees take to execute a process.  Managers, business analysts, and business process executives can use this data to:

  • Analyze workflows for opportunities to streamline and support Lean or Six Sigma methodologies
  • Identify outliers for coaching and/or retraining
  • Drive processing consistency and adherence
  • Identify opportunities to automate process steps.

Automate and manage operational tasks and processes

Traditional quality management solutions are designed to evaluate the performance of an individual on a single transaction.  But what happens when a work item moves across multiple people and departments?

Verint Desktop and Process Analytics can create a repository of actions taken on any work item. This collection of data points (voice, screen, desktop actions) can then be reviewed for quality and processing compliance.  Managers can now review a piece of work from beginning to end.

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Assess the quality of multi-touch processes

We also offer Verint Operations Visualizer, a solution designed for back-office operations that uses desktop application data in combination with schedule and non-system time to help managers improve employee productivity. Read the Read: Non-Profit Health Insurer Case Study.

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