Verint Real-Time Coaching

Don’t wait until an interaction is over to coach your agents. Reduce average handle time, improve service quality, enhance customer experience, and achieve better compliance.

What is Real-Time Coaching?

Verint® Real-Time Coaching™ is an innovative solution that analyzes calls as they occur, offering personalized advice to guide interactions to better outcomes. The solution is powered by Verint Da Vinci real-time transcription engine, which uses artificial intelligence to provide industry-leading accuracy, allowing you to:

  • Assign coaching to agents based on the specific KPIs where they are struggling.
  • Spot negative sentiment or process issues and provide behavioral advice, contextual knowledge, and next best actions.
  • Help reduce handle times and improve customer satisfaction to achieve immediate ROI.
  • Improve employee experience by providing in-the-moment guidance on difficult calls.
  • Improve the quality and outcome of each interaction as it happens
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Key Features

  • Improve the quality and outcomes of each interaction

    Don’t wait days or even weeks to provide agent coaching. Provide agents with the guidance they need, in real-time, to achieve better results now and in the future.

  • Powered by Verint Real-Time Agent Assist™ and Verint Da Vinci™

    Using artificial intelligence, the Verint Da Vinci™ real-time transcription engine provides industry leading accuracy — offering targeted guidance to agents related to the specific KPIs they are struggling with.

  • Drive improvement in key performance metrics

    As coaching improves interaction outcomes with customers, performance metrics — Net Promoter Score, First Call Resolution, and Average Handle Time as well as compliance, sales conversion, and more — can all see significant improvement.­

  • Offer targeted guidance

    When agents struggle with meeting specific KPIs, Verint Real-Time Coaching provides the targeted guidance they need to improve their performance and succeed.

  • Automatically recognize coaching opportunities

    Leverage triggers from three unique sources to provide coaching in real time: Linguistic (what’s being said), Acoustic (how it’s being said), and Application (what’s being done).

  • Meet KPIs for upsell/cross-sell opportunities

    Use keywords and phrases to identify opportunities and prompt agents to make relevant special offers to customers in the moment.

Part of Verint Total Quality

Verint Total Quality is a unique approach that measures and improves employee and bot performance, compliance and customer experience across all customer service channels. Only available from Verint, it drives automated real-time coaching and actionable insights for significant ROI benefit.

Total Quality includes carefully engineered tools to help you:

  • Improve quality across your organization
  • Achieve better compliance with your internal processes and external regulations, such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, FDCPA, HIPAA and more
  • Boost employee engagement and agent training
  • Integrate your customers’ perceptions of interaction quality into your quality program
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Personalized Guidance for Specific KPIs

With Verint Real-Time Coaching, you can leverage the powerful quality monitoring functionality within Verint Cloud Platform to assign coaching to agents based on the KPIs in their scorecards. The solution can listen to interactions in real time and generate personalized guidance in the moment based on specific KPIs to help agents strengthen their skills and guide an interaction to a positive outcome. Once an agent’s performance has improved, Real-Time Coaching for that topic can be muted. Agents will only receive coaching on the KPIs for which they are assigned to avoid any unnecessary disruptions.

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Automatically Recognize Coaching Opportunities

Unlike many solutions in the market, Verint leverages and infuses triggers from three unique sources to coach employees in real time:

  • Linguistic (what’s being said) — Recognizing specific words and phrases as well as positive or negative sentiment.
  • Acoustic (how it’s being said) — Recognizing sound triggers, such as long silences and interruptions.
  • Application (what’s being done) — Recognizing critical activity context from activity on the employee’s desktop, such as use of the correct applications, or adherence to processes.

This broad set of capabilities allows the solution to recognize a wide variety of coaching opportunities around several KPIs, including CSAT, empathy, handle time, compliance, and more.

Improve Your Quality Metrics for Quick ROI

Verint Real-Time Coaching can help you improve the quality and compliance of your customer interactions with less effort than your current coaching methods. The solution offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Better customer experience
  • Reduced cost and handle time
  • Improved employee engagement and retention
  • Increased cross-sell and customer retention
  • Compliance to policies and procedures
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