Application Visualizer

Gain visibility into contact center agent desktop activity and behavior

Gain visibility into agent activity

The contact center is getting more complex and diverse. Managers are struggling to understand how agents are spending their time, especially with a newly remote workforce.

Verint Application Visualizer gives contact center managers’ objective, real-time data on employee application usage to help manage agents, provide feedback, and increase the capacity and productivity of both on-site and work-from-anywhere employees.

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Manage agent time and productivity

Insights into employee application usage and activity can help contact center managers identify:

  • If agents are using correct applications in response to customer queries
  • Best practices of top performers to share with others
  • Agents who are struggling and need coaching to improve performance
  • Opportunities to improve employee productivity.

With Verint Application Visualizer, organizations can quickly identify and correct behaviors that could impact customer experience and operational costs.

Enhance Coaching of Your Work-from-Anywhere Agents
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Customer success story

A large, specialized technical services outsourcer was experiencing inconsistent customer service by time of day and location. They lacked integrated data, making performance analysis cumbersome.

They already had Application Triggers for PCI Compliance, and added Application Visualizer to manage 1,300 agents worldwide.

With Application Visualizer the outsourcer was able to:

  • Improve first contact resolution from 64% to 70%
  • Lower Average Handle Time (AHT) by 64 seconds
  • Decrease off-phone activity by 11%
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Powering Innovation

Application Visualizer is part of a number of other innovative Verint solutions, creating greater value and outcomes for our customers.

Verint Operations Visualizer uses Application Visualizer along with Operations Manager to specifically address the challenges in the back office, increasing productivity and operational visibility in these complex operations.

Verint Workforce Management uses Application Visualizer to monitor agent adherence to schedules and additional agent performance metrics to help improve agent performance.

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