Application Triggers

Leverage desktop application events for real-time compliance and employee guidance

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Tag interactions for enhanced quality and analytics

Contact centers are a treasure trove of insights into customer preferences and experiences, but organizations struggle to tap into this data.  Verint Application Triggers can tag interactions by customer, product, agent, request type, value, and more.  This data can aid in building at Total Quality program by enabling:

  • Quality managers to retrieve specific calls and provide targeted feedback.
  • Interactions to be automatically scored using desktop attributes
  • Targeted real-time coaching on live interactions
  • CXOs to query and analyze interactions by customer segments, regions, and a host of other factors.
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Featured Solutions

  • Application Visualizer

    Gain visibility into employee agent desktop activity and behavior
  • Desktop and Process Analytics

    Help managers improve employee productivity, quality and compliance and compliance
  • Real-Time Coaching

    Reduce average handle time, improve service quality and enhance customer experience
  • Real-time Agent Assist

    Provide real-time assistance to drive positive outcomes for complex customer calls

Ensure PCI Compliance

Meeting Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, or PCI for short, is becoming a burden and risk for many organizations. While transcription based, post-call redaction solutions can help address PCI requirements, these solutions can be expensive and leave you at risk during the time lapse between the interaction and the redaction.

Verint Application Triggers can trigger the pause and resume of a call or interaction while credit card information is being shared, meeting PCI requirements in real-time.

Don’t Risk a PCI Compliance Breach in Your Contact Center
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Identify Interactions Containing PII

One of the challenges in meeting privacy regulations and government or industry regulations is accurately identifying interactions containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). With Verint Application Triggers, you can tag interactions with non-telephony-based metadata, enabling you to flag calls containing PII. This allows you to easily search for and retrieve interactions for compliance.

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Adhere to industry-specific requirements

Many industries have regulations that require specific steps be taken or exact language to be shared with a customer. For example, the insurance industry has many disclosures, which can differ by product or state, that need to be read to the customer.

With Verint Application Triggers, you can provide agents with real-time, contextual guidance in the form of simple, pop-up reminders triggered by desktop activity. Agents can now be more confident they are meeting industry regulations.

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Powering Innovation

Application Triggers is part of a number of other innovative Verint solutions, creating greater value and outcomes for our customers.

Verint Automated Quality Management leverages data tagging to identify interactions for targeted quality reviews. Solution can score based on desktop attributes captured by Application Triggers.

Verint Real-time Agent Assist analyzes calls and desktop activities in real time and to automatically guide interactions toward better outcomes.

Verint Desktop and Process Analytics leverages desktop triggers to track key execution points on processes and provide data such as workflows, volume and process handle times, to help streamline processes, reducing costs and improving the customer experience.

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