Automated Quality Management

Do you monitor all your contact center interactions? Screening a small percentage of voice calls only may leave customer service process flaws and non-compliant interactions hidden. Verint can help you improve service quality, agent performance, and mitigate compliance risks.

What is Automated Quality Management?

Automated Quality Management (AQM) helps increase the efficiency of contact center quality and compliance workflows by automating the whole aspect of Quality Management (QM) – from scoring interactions to assigning agent coaching. It’s a practical way to gain insights that would be difficult to achieve with traditional call sampling practices that usually monitor only a small number of interactions.

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Don't settle for less than 100%

Most contact centers only review between 1 and 3% of calls.  This severely limits your ability to identify risks and manage quality and compliance.

As an essential part of Verint’s Total Quality approach, Verint Automated Quality Management can automate the whole quality management process and help you achieve better compliance. Evaluate calls, identify non-compliance and assign coaching—for 100% of voice and text interactions.

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AI-Powered Scoring Bots Working for You

Verint Automated Quality is enhanced with AI-powered scoring bots that automatically and continuously evaluate all interactions against your scoring rules. Gain performance and compliance insights without manual effort, allow more effective performance management and coaching, and achieve better compliance. Increase first call resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) with a lower average handle time (AHT).

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How to reduce compliance risks?

The solution includes out-of-the-box rules for three, common compliance measures:

  • Informing customers that calls are being recorded
  • Following the correct process for confirming identity
  • Ensuring that CVC codes are not recorded when taking card payments.

With a minimum of delay you can be automatically scoring up to 100 percent of recorded calls and text interactions for these measures, offering much greater insight and consistency than random sampling.

Revealing the Trouble With Manual Scoring

How to get objective and consistent quality assurance?

Variability is the enemy of compliance. But, Verint Automated Quality Management is inherently objective and consistent. When it measures interactions against the rules you have set, it does so without variation, bias or, assumption, ensuring that every recording is scored against the exact same standards.

In this way, you will quickly gain a new level of insight into your organization’s standards of service and compliance. This helps you identify employees that need coaching to improve, and reveals any procedural steps that cause compliance and/or quality issues.

Verint Automated Quality Management includes integrated scorecards. These are fed by automatic workflows that score interactions and report on the results. It will also trigger alerts, and present the results of coaching sessions.

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How to deliver results quickly?

Verint can get your enterprise quality management software running quickly. Automated Quality Management provides rules out-of-the-box that will automatically check that agents follow the most common compliance guidelines—such as informing the customers that calls are being recorded, following identity confirmation processes, and ensuring that CVV data are not recorded when taking card payments.

Implementation services are delivered by Verint experts and can have you autoscoring your customer interactions in as a little as three weeks.

Choose between Silver or Gold Managed Services, to suit the needs of your business, and start screening 100% of your calls—automatically!

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Drive deeper analysis

Verint Automated Quality Management, Interaction Analytics, and other applications provide you with great information about customer engagement, customer experience, and employee performance. But what if you could drive even more value and deeper analysis with your organizational data?

Watch this session to hear how your organizational data can be turbocharged by using Verint Engagement Data Management.

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Beyond Compliance: Automate at Your Own Pace

Once you have introduced Verint Automated Quality Management, you can expand its use to automate as many evaluation questions as you choose. Build confidence and encourage adoption by adding forms over time, and rolling them out in phases.

Creating new forms is easy. You can also specify which questions should be manually or automatically scored. This provides the flexibility to address particular business units, types of interactions, groups of users, and more.
Choose which questions you want to autoscore; and for what percentage of calls, allowing you to manage the changes associated with automation, while also enjoying its benefits.

Whichever route you choose, Verint Automated Quality Management empowers you to introduce automation at your own pace.

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A market leader in quality management

We also offer Verint Quality Management, a unified application for accessing and reviewing recorded phone, text, and video interactions.

This proven solution helps you to efficiently select and evaluate large numbers of interactions across communication channels. And you can focus your selections based on business relevance, employee performance, or customer input.

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