Help your agents in the moment

Your contact center agents are your direct connection to your customers. As such, it is imperative to empower these agents with real-time assistance to help improve the quality and efficiency of customer service interactions.

Verint Real-Time Agent Assist is an innovative solution that can listen to customer calls as they happen and automatically identify opportunities to guide interactions toward better outcomes for your customers and organization.

The solution uses Verint’s advanced speech analytics engine that is fast and accurate to notify and assist employees and supervisors to handle calls more effectively.

Organizations can leverage Verint Real-Time Agent Assist regardless of their contact center environment, as the solution can run both in the cloud or on-premises as needed.

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More than just keywords

Verint is uniquely able to identify triggers from three different sources to guide employees in real time:

  • Linguistic — Recognizing specific words, or a positive or negative sentiment.
  • Acoustic — Recognizing sound triggers, such as long silences and interruptions.
  • Application — Adding critical context from the employee’s desktop, such as adherence to processes.

When these triggers are found, employees are notified of recommended actions in a unified Work Assist application, so they can immediately guide the call to a better outcome.

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A critical tool for the at-home workforce

Real-time assistance for agents is more critical now than before. With many contact center agents working from home, it is more difficult to monitor them, and more difficult for them to summon assistance when needed.

Verint Real-Time Agent Assistance provides the monitoring and assistance your agents need, so you can:

  • Reduce customer churn
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce escalations
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Targeted assistance for complaints and escalations

Verint Real-Time Agent Assist for Complaints and Escalations helps organizations identify and respond in real-time to calls with escalations or complaints.

Verint’s innovative Speech Analytics engine detects automatically in Real-Time terms and phrases that are related to complaints and escalations.

Employees and managers will receive automated assistance and guidance in real-time with a customized popup and or email notification that can impact the outcome of the call.

Additional real-time agent assistance use cases can be customized and expanded the individual organization’s needs beyond customer escalations and complaints.

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