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The Interaction Wrap Up Bot uses generative AI to summarize interactions between customers and agents, dramatically reducing after-call work. Lower agent cost, improve wrap-up quality, and elevate customer experience now.

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The challenge of keeping up with after-call work

In the past, agents needed to spend significant time after each call to manually summarize the discussion. While these summaries provide other agents with crucial information for the next interaction with that customer, this process is both time-consuming and costly. Every minute spent on after-call work is a minute spent not preparing for or speaking to the next customer — which can cost you millions of dollars.

What’s more, manual summaries can be inconsistent as they’re highly dependent on how well the agent remembers the call and summarizes the discussion. This leads to customers having to repeat themselves on the next call, giving them a bad customer experience.

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The AI business outcomes of the Interaction Wrap Up Bot

Part of the Verint Open CCaaS platform, the Interaction Wrap Up Bot leverages generative AI to deliver precise interaction summaries in seconds. Manual summary creation takes a lot of wrap-up time and can cost millions annually. By letting the Wrap Up Bot write your summaries, you can:

  • Significantly reduce the cost of after-call work.
  • Increase agent capacity by allowing your employees to focus on customer interactions rather than administrative tasks.
  • Lower the risk of exposing customer data.
  • Solve the issues caused by incomplete, biased, or ambiguous information often found in manual summaries.

How does the Interaction Wrap Up Bot Work?

The Wrap Up Bot is available for both voice and digital interaction channels in 80+ languages. It can be quickly and easily embedded in your workflows with minimum disruption and maximum impact. Here’s how it works:

  • Voice interaction audio is captured through Verint recording in your ACD of choice, whether it’s an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environment.
  • Audio is transcribed automatically in the Verint Cloud using Verint Da Vinci AI in real time.
  • The Wrap Up Bot then takes the transcription and uses generative AI to create a narrative summary. Our Open approach lets you bring your own LLM or use ours.
  • The summary is delivered to your system of record in a matter of seconds, significantly reducing the time spent on after-call-work.
  • The bot trains on your fresh data to further improve the summary quality over time. Don’t worry — the data is secured and not shared with anyone.

The completed summaries are accurate, consistent, and unbiased, providing the next agent with proper context. This reduces handle time, increases agent capacity, and improves CX.

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The Wrap-Up Bot in action

A 1000-agent contact center was looking to reduce its after-call work costs. By deploying the Wrap Up Bot, the company could witness a 60-second decrease in call duration on average. This results in annual savings of $7.2 million, amounting to 14x ROI in just one year.

And that’s only the short-term benefit. In the long run, the bot will leverage machine learning to further improve its summaries, delivering better CX and AI business outcomes.

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Part of the Verint Family of Specialized Bots

The Interaction Wrap Up Bot is just one of the ever-growing family of Verint specialized bots. Each Verint bot is expertly trained to do one thing well. They are specifically designed to accelerate and automate existing workflows, seamlessly integrating into the workforce to enhance customer engagement and support specific roles within a contact center. Integrating bots is a more cost-effective alternative to expanding the team with people and offers a valuable solution for driving CX automation and achieving AI business outcomes.

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