Interaction Wrap-Up Bot

The Interaction Wrap-Up Bot automatically summarizes interactions between a customer and a human agent — providing valuable context to the next agent, reducing handle time, improving CX, and delivering significant ROI.

The challenge of keeping up with after-call work

In the past, agents needed to spend considerable time after each call to manually summarize what has transpired. While these summaries are crucial in providing other agents with the history and context they’ll need the next time they are interacting with that customer, this process is both time-consuming and costly as every minute spent on after-call work is a minute spent not preparing for or speaking to the next customer.

Furthermore, manually created call summaries are prone to inconsistencies since agents need to remember what happened during the call and then write it in a way that the next agent will understand. Plus, with a large call volume, agents often can’t get right to the summaries and sometimes aren’t able to do them at all, leaving call summaries that are undefined or simply don’t exist.

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How does the Interaction Wrap-Up Bot Work?

  • Voice interaction audio is captured through Verint recording either on-premises or in Verint Cloud
  • Audio is transcribed in the Verint Cloud using Verint Da Vinci real-time transcription
  • The transcription is then fed into generative AI to create a narrative summary
  • The summary is delivered to the agent’s desktop for review in the Work Assist notification application in a matter of seconds — significantly reducing the time the agent needs to spend on after-call-work writing call notes.
  • The completed summary provides context to the next agent, reducing handle time, and improving CX.
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Harnessing the power of AI to automate call summaries

  • Integrated into the Verint Open CCaaS platform, the Interaction Wrap-Up Bot leverages both Verint Da Vinci real-time transcription and generative AI to deliver precise interaction summaries in seconds.
  • Manual summary creation can cost millions annually. The Interaction Wrap-Up Bot can significantly reduce this operational cost.
  • Removing summary creation allows agents to focus on customer interactions vs administrative tasks.
  • Automated summaries reduce risk of exposure of customer data — also addresses issues of lack of completeness/bias/potential for misunderstanding that can happen with manual summaries.
  • The Interaction Wrap-Up Bot is available for both voice and digital interaction channels in 80+ languages.

A Real-World Example

A large insurance company was looking for ways to reduce its after-call work costs. The company handles 15 million calls per year, and each call has an average of 3.5 minutes of after call work. Most of this time is spent manually typing a summary of the conversation. Not only is the process time-consuming and expensive, but the results are inconsistent and often poorly written summaries. By automating this process with Verint Da Vinci Interaction Summary, after-call work could be reduced by up to 75 percent on each call, driving cost savings of more than $20 million per year for the company.

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Part of the Verint Family of Specialized Bots

The Interaction Wrap-Up Bot is just one of the ever-growing family of Verint specialized bots. Each Verint bot is expertly trained to do one thing well. They are specifically designed to accelerate and automate existing workflows, seamlessly integrating into the workforce to enhance customer engagement and support specific roles within a contact center. Integrating bots is a more cost- effective alternative to expanding the team with people and offers a valuable solution for bridging the Engagement Capacity Gap while driving CX automation.

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