Long Story Short: Introducing the Verint Interaction Wrap Up Bot

Kelly Koelliker August 15, 2023

If you’ve ever worked in or visited a contact center, you’ve seen that there is a fairly large amount of time when employees aren’t actually on the phone.

Once a call is over, the agent has to type out a summary of everything that just happened so it can be recorded in the call notes. There are so many problems with this common process:

  1. It wastes valuable time your agents can spend helping the next customer
  2. It forces the agent to keep a mental record of every step of the conversation, pulling their attention away from listening to the customer
  3. It is boring, tedious work that agents don’t enjoy, decreasing employee engagement
  4. It results in inconsistent and sometimes inaccurate summaries.

The list goes on, but long story short: This process is outdated and needs to go away.

But how can organizations eliminate this after-call work? The answer is generative AI. You can’t go anywhere without hearing the phrase ‘generative AI’ or ‘ChatGPT’ these days. This new technology is reshaping the way we work, and contact centers are no exception.

Verint Interaction Wrap Up Bot puts the power of generative AI at your fingertips to eliminate after-call work. Here’s how it works:

  • Over the course of the call, Verint Real-Time Transcription listens to every word and creates an accurate transcription.
  • As soon as the call is complete, the transcription is fed into the Interaction Wrap Up Bot, which uses generative AI to produce a short summary of all the activities on the call.
  • The agent sees the summary on their wrap-up screen and can add any information needed.
  • The summary is added to the call notes, and the agent can quickly start the next call.

Interaction Wrap Up Bot makes a long story short—eliminating costly after-call work on every single call.

The results of this bot are immediate and massive. Organizations can save millions by dramatically cutting after-call work time on every single call. And what’s more, the Interaction Wrap Up Bot is just one of many in Verint’s team of specialized AI-powered bots.

Each bot performs a specific task and helps your organization embrace automation to drive productivity, boost CX, and improve the quality and compliance of your customer interactions.

To learn more about the Interaction Wrap Up Bot, download the executive perspective.