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An Open Approach to CX Automation

Verint’s differentiated open platform is designed to increase your CX automation and deliver AI business outcomes, now.

Because the platform is open in every dimension, Verint provides capabilities no other vendor can offer.

  • Flexible: Keep the existing solutions that work for you, in the cloud or on-premises. With Verint, you don’t have to throw away applications like ACD or CRM that are still working just because you are switching platforms.
  • Modular: Pick and choose what parts of the platform you want to deploy first and see AI Business Outcomes Now rather than waiting through a risky and disruptive rip and replace project. With Verint, you can deploy a bot in just a month and start seeing immediate ROI.
  • Future-proof: AI is evolving at a rapid pace. Verint Da Vinci will continue to use new AI models from any source so your platform will not become outdated.