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Meet our team of AI-powered bots helping you increase CX automation

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A bot for every workflow

Verint Platform is powered by specialized bots that help drive CX automation to make your customer engagements smarter and faster. Each bot performs one specific task, and is injected directly into your workflows, putting AI at your fingertips.

These bots are powered by Verint Da Vinci AI. Verint future-proofs your AI investment with an open approach that can keep pace with the rapid innovation in the industry. Our AI-powered bots are continually trained on your unique engagement data to drive the best results for your business.

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Drive AI business outcomes now with Verint specialized bots

Verint specialized bots are quick and easy to deploy and drive immediate business outcomes. So what are you waiting for? Meet some of our most popular AI-powered bots.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant, powered by the Voice and Digital Containment Bots, help reduce inbound interaction volume while improving CSAT by using AI to efficiently automate conversations with customers across digital and voice channels. With these bots, brands can provide personalized self-service experiences so they can resolve customer queries and identify which interactions should be escalated to a live agent.


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Interaction Wrap Up Bot

Verint Interaction Wrap Up Bot uses generative AI to automatically craft a call summary at the conclusion of an interaction, dramatically reducing after-call work. By removing the time agents spend manually summarizing a call, organizations can save millions on their bottom line. Plus, summaries are more accurate and consistent across your contact center.


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Quality Bots

Verint Quality Bots were designed to automate your quality program to deliver business outcomes quickly. With AI-powered automation, you can go from evaluating a very small sample of calls to evaluating 100% of interactions across channels. With the Quality Bots, you can:

  • Reduce supervisor cost related to evaluating interactions
  • Avoid workforce disputes and allow agents to self-coach
  • Achieve complete coverage of compliance evaluations

Verint Quality Bots increase your supervisor capacity by 33%, allowing brands to realize a 5x ROI while also improving the employee experience and reducing compliance risk.


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Data Insights Bot

The Data Insights Bot can help you translate business intelligence into actionable insights, enabling you to realize a quick return on investment. Beyond just requested reports, the bot proactively offers useful information you should also keep an eye on. This is made possible by best-of-breed AI algorithms surfacing anomalies, trends, and correlations within your multi-source engagement data. Using generative AI, the solution produces easy-to-understand audio-visual explanation of your graphs, charts, and dashboards.


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Exact Transcription Bot

Your contact center agents have thousands of conversations with customers every day. These conversations are a gold mine of information about what your customers need, what frustrates them, and how your agents are trying to help.

The Exact Transcription Bot offers market-leading transcription accuracy at the lowest cost. The bot trains on your specific data and is continuously learning and creating customized models with new terms. These transcripts power applications like Verint Speech Analytics and Verint Automated Quality Management, and can also access the transcripts directly.


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Coaching Bots

You need each of your agents to perform like your very best agents. With Verint Coaching Bots your agents receive in-the-moment non-disruptive guidance when they need it — elevating their performance and delivering significant ROI.

Verint Coaching Bots provide the assistance your agents need, in real-time and based on your business priorities, so you can:

  • Reduce call duration
  • Increase sales conversions
  • Increase customer retention


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TimeFlex Bot

With Verint TimeFlex Bot, AI empowers your agents to make unlimited schedule changes. The bot requires no effort for your planners, and the quality of your contact center schedule is enhanced.

The Verint TimeFlex Bot employs complex algorithms, CX data and an innovative game mechanic to enable permissionless, agent-initiated schedule changes at scale. It helps agents juggle work and life when life happens.


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More specialized bots for your agents

Verint offers many more specialized bots for your agents to help them be more productive and accurate, while delivering a superior customer experience. Check out some more of our specialized bots for agents.

Transfer Summary Bot

Whether transitioning from an Intelligent Virtual Assistant to a human agent or between different agents, the Transfer Summary Bot provides automated summaries of previous interactions. This accelerates response times, reduces average handle time, and ensures customers do not need to repeat themselves. By streamlining these transitions, the Transfer Summary Bot aims to significantly boost customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in customer support workflows.

Call Risk Scoring Bot

Using specialized AI algorithms, the bot analyzes over 60 data points from telecom metadata and caller behavioral analytics and assigns a risk score to every call made into the contact center. With the help of the bot, Call Risk Scoring can not only detect and prevent fraudulent activities in your call center, but ultimately help lower average handle time for legitimate callers and add an additional layer of customer data protection.

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Knowledge Suggestion Bot

Verint’s Knowledge Suggestion Bot helps to showcase the excellent work done by its knowledge-creating sibling. The bot suggests relevant knowledge in real time during customer interactions. It’s designed to provide instant access to information directly in the agent’s workflow, making it straightforward for agents to effortlessly retrieve information, enhanced satisfaction, and improve their own efficiency.

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More specialized bots for your enterprise

Contact center agents aren’t the only users who can benefit from AI-powered bots. Verint offers bots for supervisors, managers, and many other roles across the organization. Check out some more of our specialized bots for employees across your enterprise.

Workload Forecasting Bot

The Workload Forecasting Bot and Extended Workload Forecasting Bot deliver the most accurate forecasts for projected interaction volumes across channels. By leveraging these bots, organizations see higher CSAT, lower staffing costs, and increased employee retention​ without requiring WFM teams to be AI experts.

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Interviewing Bot

The Verint Interviewing Bot automates the analysis of candidate assessments using AI, proprietary audio models, and predictive analytics to conduct assessments in minutes vs. hours. The bot identifies high-performers, reducing attrition and hiring costs, all while increasing performance outcomes.

The Interviewing Bot dramatically saves recruiter time and speeds the decision-making process. It is also available 24/7, making it easier to engage with candidates from across the globe at a time that is convenient for them, helping ensure you don’t miss out on the best possible candidates for your open positions.

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Knowledge Creation Bot

Leverage the power of AI to detect opportunities for new knowledge articles and use generative technology to create content with the touch of a button.

The AI-Powered Knowledge Creation Bot enables your employees and Intelligent Virtual Assistants to benefit from a more complete, accurate, and useful knowledge base – helping reduce average handle time, increase first contact resolution, and improve CSAT scores.

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PII Redaction Bot

The PII Redaction Bot provides a new way to protect your customer’s Personal Identifiable Information. Using Verint Da Vinci AI, the bot can automatically find instances of PII, like social security numbers, credit card numbers, and more. It then hides this information in both the transcript and the audio playback for unauthorized users — adding a new layer of security to existing data protection strategies.

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