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Market leading speech-to-text transcription

Unlock powerful customer insights with Verint’s market leading speech-to-text transcription software. Boost CX, improve agent performance, and gain actionable data.

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Drive AI outcomes now

  • Leverage top transcription accuracy at the lowest cost

    Verint Exact Transcription Bot has the highest accuracy for transcription of contact center calls. Customers are measuring above 90% accuracy and above 95% categorization accuracy.

  • Unlock insights from all customer calls

    More accurate transcripts lead to greater customer insights and improved customer experience.

  • Get up and running in 30 days

    Verint Exact Transcription Bot is quick and easy to deploy and can be up and running in as little as 30 days.

Improve CX with speech-to-text transcription

Your contact center agents have thousands of conversations with customers every day. These conversations are a gold mine of information about what your customers need, what frustrates them, and how your agents are trying to help.

Now, just imagine if you could transcribe millions of calls with market leading accuracy and obtain the rich meta-data you need to help improve customer experience. Think about how this information can help you gain deeper insight into each customer call so you can increase sales effectiveness, accelerate digital transformation, improve operational efficiency, increase cost savings, improve First Call Resolution and predict customer churn.

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Uncover deeper insights with the market leading voice transcription accuracy

It’s not surprising — the more accurate your transcriptions are, the deeper and richer the insights you uncover will be.

Accurate speech-to-text transcriptions are critical for:

Accurate transcriptions drive AI business outcomes!

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Verint Exact Transcription Bot is constantly learning

The Bot trains on your specific data and is continuously learning and creating customized models with new terms.  All the Verint Open Platform bots and applications can benefit from this constantly improving accuracy. For instance, the Quality Bots can better recognize if your evaluation rules were met if the transcription is more accurate.

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Your data Is always protected

Moreover, you can rest assured that your data is always private and secure. It is never shared with third-party vendors, other customers, or anyone else. All while you maintain easy access to your transcriptions for any of your other GenAI use cases.

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Easily share transcription data with your big data and predictive teams

In the past, contact center voice transcription data has been locked in a silo, without a way to share it with your big data and analytics teams. With Verint Exact Speech Transcription Bot, you can harness and easily share all the unstructured data across your organization.

Imagine if you had not just a call voice transcription, but also a customer identifier, prior purchase behavior, customer lifetime value, other products owned, and much more information from each customer call.

Big data and predictive teams can use this data to dramatically shape the view into customers’ current and future buying patterns.

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Speech-to-text transcription is the process of converting spoken language into written text by taking an audio recording transcribing it, and creating a written record of what was captured. Speech-to-text, also known as speech recognition software, uses computational linguistics to recognize and translate spoken language into text. It is used in business applications like customer service, sales enablement tools etc.