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The future of contact centers

Traditionally, call centers could screen and process less than 10% of their total calls, which resulted in a large number of unaccounted customer interactions and, at the end of the day, inaccurate analyses. However, when powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technology, speech analytics software can transcribe and analyze a much larger volume of calls than what was previously possible through manual efforts.

Verint Speech Analytics uses best-in-class AI and NLP to transcribe 100% of recorded calls with unmatched transcription and comprehension accuracy.

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Lower costs and improve CX with Speech Analytics

As part of the Verint Open Platform, this enterprise-grade solution can automatically discover and analyze words, phrases, categories, and themes that may be affecting customer experience. Providing access to this rich source of behavioral data can deliver immediate business outcomes for your organization.

With Speech Analytics, you can:

  • Enhance contact center performance with insights to reduce agent handle time and repeat calls
  • Supercharge customer experience (CX) through discovering and acting on customer insights regarding satisfaction, business issues, competitive intelligence, and marketing campaigns
  • Reduce churn by discovering root causes and predicting at-risk customers via your contact center recordings
  • Improve your quality monitoring and compliance outcomes by reviewing large samples and specific call types
  • Identify business process optimizations and reduce costs
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Unrivaled comprehension accuracy

Powered by Verint Da Vinci AI, this speech analytics solution can provide unmatched transcription and comprehension accuracy at your fingertips. With Verint, you can accurately process voice with complete speaker separated transcription for 100% of customer interactions.

Comprehensive analysis includes:

  • AI-driven conversational themes
  • Push-button root cause analysis
  • Emerging trends on categories and unlimited terms
  • Sentiment analysis and core on every interaction
  • Visual map of every call
  • Automated KPI calculations and more
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AI-powered bots working for you

  • Transcription Bot

    Call recordings are a gold mine of rich insights about customer satisfaction, customer churn, competitive intelligence, service issues, agent performance, and campaign effectiveness. The Verint Platform is powered by specialized bots that help lower costs and drive CX automation to make your customer engagements smarter and faster.

    The Transcription Bot leverages Da Vinci AI to transcribe spoken contact center conversations with market-leading accuracy in more than 80 languages and dialects.

    The Verint Transcription Bot.

Key features

  • Unified visual player

    See combined insights about your interactions in one screen, including call transcript, emotions, topics, screen recording, tags, and QA evaluations.

  • Accurate transcription

    Industry-leading transcription accuracy of 100% of calls. Powered by Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics, the transcription produces over 90% comprehension accuracy

  • Improve operational efficiency

    Reduce average handle time, silence time, holds and transfers by identifying process inefficiencies, knowledge gaps, technical failures, and more.

  • Reveal occurrences of non-compliance

    Analyze 100% of calls to spot every occurrence of non-compliance, avoiding potential fines and penalties.

  • Improve the customer experience

    Use automated sentiment analysis to identify warning trends impacting customer experience and proactively identify coaching opportunities, improving CSAT and NPS.

Speech Analytics in action

Tryg, one of the largest non-life insurance companies in the Nordic region manages more than one million claims annually — creating security and value for 5.7 their million customers. With Verint Speech Analytics, Tryg has boosted the promotion of health insurance products by 37% and increased insurance sales in claims department by 6.4% all while Increasing agent productivity.

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Understand what’s driving customer sentiment across channels

Today’s customers expect to be able to interact with you, when they want, via voice or text channels – or a combination of the two. Are you able to get a complete picture of what’s driving customer sentiment across both your voice and text channels? Discover how Verint Interaction Analytics lets you capture the full range of insights hidden in the vast volume of these rich customer interactions — connecting sentiment, categories, and alerts from siloed systems and delivering unified insights.
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Enhance Financial Compliance with Communications Profiling and Data Insights

To meet the specialized compliance needs of financial trading rooms and other financial services environments, Verint also offers multi-lingual speech recognition and transcription capabilities, voice analytics, and best-in-class communications surveillance features pre-trained for the financial markets.

Verint Financial Compliance Communications Profiling and Data Insights can search, transcribe, and analyze 100% of calls and surface those containing suspicious words or phrases – all powered by artificial intelligence.

This offering can help compliance officers in financial firms make sense of jargon-heavy trader conversations and reliably reconstruct the chain of events of a transaction.

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At Verint, we use our unparalleled experience and expertise to continually drive innovation and improve accuracy. Now, the Verint Analytics Marketplace gives you immediate access to these innovations.

All Verint Speech Analytics and Text Analytics customers have complimentary access to the online marketplace, which contains new reports and categories, updated on a regular basis.

With the marketplace, you can easily download and use the latest updates to keep your system up to date.

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