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Speech Analytics Customers

Verint partners with thousands of iconic brands to elevate their experience management (XM) programs, engage customers, and create differentiated experiences.

Key Research Insights

Forrester Consulting’s The Total Economic Impact™ of Verint study, found critical benefits to customers using speech analytics.

“We used Verint to understand what folks are talking about during successful cross-selling calls and we increased our cross-selling from $800,000 to $1.2 million.” – Workforce Manager, Healthcare

Speech Analytics in Action

New York Life reduced call volume by 400,000 calls a year, realized savings of 40% across quality assurance (QA) teams, and improved sales effectiveness to the tune of six figures.

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Surface Valuable Intelligence from Recorded Calls

Nothing can tell you more about your business than analyzing your customer calls. Call recordings are a gold mine of rich insights about customer satisfaction, customer churn, competitive intelligence, service issues, agent performance, and campaign effectiveness.

However, the sheer volume of phone calls exceeds the contact center’s ability to manually review and analyze them. Manual review can process only a fraction of calls using unsophisticated analysis. There has to be a better way.

Lower Costs. Improve CX.

The solution transcribes 100% of recorded calls to automatically discover and analyze words, phrases, categories, and themes. With Speech Analytics, you can:

  • Enhance contact center performance with insights to reduce agent handle time, and repeat calls
  • Discover customer insights regarding satisfaction, business issues, competitive intelligence, and marketing campaigns
  • Reduce churn by discovering root causes and predicting at-risk customers via your contact center recordings
  • Improve your quality monitoring by reviewing large samples and specific call types
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Unrivaled Comprehension Accuracy

Powered by Verint Da Vinci AI & Analytics, we put unmatched transcription and comprehension accuracy at your fingertips. With Verint, you can accurately process voice with complete speaker separated transcription for 100% of customer interactions.

Comprehensive analysis includes:

  • AI-driven conversational themes
  • Push-button root cause analysis
  • Emerging trends on categories and unlimited terms
  • Sentiment analysis and core on every interaction
  • Visual map of every call
  • Automated KPI calculations and more
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Stay Up-to-Date With Our Free Online Marketplace

At Verint, we use our unparalleled experience and expertise to continually drive innovation and improve accuracy. Now, the Verint Analytics Marketplace gives you immediate access to these innovations.

All Verint Speech Analytics and Text Analytics customers have complimentary access to the online marketplace, which contains new reports and categories, updated on a regular basis.

With the marketplace, you can easily download and use the latest updates to keep your system up to date.

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Enhance Compliance for Financial Trading

To meet the specialized compliance needs of financial trading rooms and other financial services environments, Verint also offers Verint Financial Compliance Transcription and Phonetic Search.

This solution can search, transcribe, and analyze 100 percent of calls and surface those containing suspicious words or phrases.

This offering is complemented by advanced transcription capabilities to make sense of jargon-heavy trader conversations and reliably reconstruct the chain of events of a transaction.

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