What’s New in Speech Analytics in 2022: Accurate, Complete, Impactful

Kelly Koelliker June 10, 2022

Did you catch our recent webinar in partnership with Speech Technology? If not, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Click here to access the on-demand edition of this exciting event.

During this webinar, Daniel Ziv, Vice President of Speech and Text Analytics at Verint, highlights new capabilities that organizations should consider adopting in their speech analytics program. Below you’ll find 3 key takeaways from this webinar on how to modernize your speech analytics efforts.

  1. Accurate

The most important part of a speech analytics tool is its ability to automatically understand the words and meaning of spoken conversations. With Verint’s innovative new Da Vinci transcription engine, you can take your transcription and comprehension accuracy to the next level, resulting in more complete and accurate insights and categorization.

  1. Complete

Contact centers have changed, and many interactions no longer involve the phone. Organizations need to expand their thinking around customer analytics to expand to text-based channels. What’s more, they need a unified view of insights and actions based on interactions across the whole contact center.

  1. Impactful

To have the most impact on your customer experience, you need to shorten the time from insight to action. By making the shift from near real-time insights to real-time impact, you can spot issues in the moment and take corrective action to change the outcome of a call before it ends.

Learn more about these takeaways and other important strategies for your speech analytics program by listening to the replay here.